Growing Out On A Limb

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It is so nice to finally have warmer days, sunshine, and to see the leaves opening on the trees.  We have been trying to get out every morning to a playground or trail and spend much of every afternoon outside at home (unpacking a little along the way too!).

Sometimes we walk down to our mailbox, just down the road and by this pretty pond.  The boys love throwing rocks in the water.  Eleanor likes the grass!


Our subdivision seems very family oriented and friendly.  Today we found a second playground within the subdivision, just as big as the first.  We celebrated with a picnic snack!  And check out those blue skies!


Yay for spring!  IMG_20140514_102430


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St Margaret’s Bay Trail

Monday was an overcast and cool day but we still got out of the house for a walk.  The St. Margaret’s Bay Trail is long and goes throughout the area (including along the edge of Jerry Lawrence park).  It is also the trans canada trail so is the old rail bed.  I’m sure there are plenty of trail heads but we parked at the Bike and Bean, a cafe and bike rental spot in the old French Village Train Station.

The boys were thrilled that there is an actual train at the old station.
IMG_20140512_140134 The trail is wide and heavily used, especially by bicycles.  It is great to have an easy hike five minutes away that makes you feel like you are far away from it all and where I don’t have to worry about traffic.  IMG_20140512_141533 It was a chilly day but the boys enjoyed the walk.  Behind them is Mill Lake.  IMG_20140512_144137Needless to say, we will be using this trail again and again!


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Mothers Day

Mothers Day was a beautiful day so we went for a nice hike in Jerry Lawrence Park in the afternoon.  The gates aren’t open yet so you have to walk in a ways before you see anything interesting but we didn’t mind.  The boys picked up sticks along the way and showed us their cool ninja moves.

There are trails, a couple of piers to fish from, and lots of picnic tables dotted here and there on both lakes (Round Lake and Lewis Lake).  It will be nice when we can just drive in there, park at a picnic table, and have lunch.  It’s already on my summer to do list.


Eleanor seems to like the backpack!IMG_5960
We walked long enough to get a look at Lewis Lake.  It’s beautiful even before the leaves come out.  This will be a great spot for a fishing rod and a picnic.

Somehow this picture describes Oliver.
IMG_5968What a great day … a great lunch, homemade gifts from the boys, a spectacular spa gift from hubby, a favorite supper, and lots of “I love yous” from the boys all day long.

I once said to Oliver that I was a lucky mama to have such wonderful children.  He replied, “Ya.  You are”.  He got no argument from me and I felt that way again on Sunday – lucky and super special.


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More exploring … Playgrounds!

On another day, the kids and I went to Sherwood park, located right here in our subdivision.  It turns out it is just a short trail through the woods, although it was pretty.  I think there are others… I just need to find them.  IMG_20140504_095525So we went looking for a playground instead.  We didn’t find a community playground but it was Sunday so we headed to the elementary schools.

Two huge playgrounds (since there are junior and senior elementary schools here)… score!  IMG_5922

IMG_5923Eleanor enjoyed watching the boys play.  It was a really beautiful spring morning.  IMG_5919


IMG_5930They played so well together and had so much fun but it’s kind of hard to explain to them that we can only use the school playgrounds on the weekends.  Lots more exploring to do and there has to be a community playground around here somewhere!


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Jerry Lawrence Park

The provincial park nearby is small but lakeside so there is lots to do … hiking, fishing, boating.  It is still closed so hubby and the kids had to walk in on this day but I am told they had a great time (as I unpacked more of the kitchen!).

IMG_20140503_135945 The boys told me they took their shoes off and dipped their toes in the water.  “It was sooooo cold!”, Oliver said.  IMG_20140503_144035They didn’t hike any of the trails so I’m looking forward to checking those and the entire park out for myself!


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Polly’s Cove

We are not wasting any time exploring the area that we live in now.  We are fifteen minutes from the city (ten more to downtown), ten minutes from a provincial park, and ten minutes from St. Margaret’s Bay.  That means there is lots to see and do.

While nana and papa were still here, we took a hike to Polly’s cove.  It is near Peggy’s cove but not as touristy … a local secret.

Unfortunately the fog was in but what we did see was beautiful.  The cliffs are a bit nerve-wracking with the kids running around but we will have to go back and see the view minus the fog.

IMG_5900 Papa and Emery were being silly for the camera.  IMG_5902This is definitely the best shot I have yet of daddy and all three kids.  IMG_5904


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It was a whirlwind of a few days but we are moved in, unpacked as much as we need to be, and emptying boxes a little more every day.

Moving is an adventure whether you are moving down the block, across town, or across the country.  We had so much help from our fine friends and family.  We couldn’t have done it without them.

Eleanor wasn’t much help but she just played while we packed up around her.  She’s such a good baby.


Wow.  We have a lot of stuff.
IMG_20140429_105235 The boys stayed with nana and papa for a few nights while we traveled to Nova Scotia, finished the closing, and unpacked.  Eleanor settled in for the ride.  IMG_20140429_112501 On the road.  IMG_20140429_141927 A pic of the convoy.  For the first little while I was nervous hauling that heavy trailer.  It definitely makes you notice every bump, hill, and gust of wind.  IMG_20140429_184706 The closing was finished quickly so we were able to start unloading even earlier than we anticipated.  Thankfully we had an awesome moving crew.  And aren’t they smart to take a break before unloading the couch?!  IMG_20140430_165340With much help and much cardboard, we did it.  We’re here.  There is still a ton of work to do but we are settling in and exploring around our new town.  We are thankful for an amazing realtor, everyone who had a hand in getting us here, and for all of us getting here safely.  IMG_5917Here’s to new beginnings!