Growing Out On A Limb

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Eleanor at 8 months

My girl turned 8 months old on the 15th.  IMG_4038

She pulls herself up to standing all the time and walks along the furniture.  She crawls so she is fast.  She has two bottom teeth as of about two weeks ago.  She feeds herself almost entirely now and eats pretty much everything.  She sleeps at night and naps well.  IMG_4041

Sometimes, she belly laughs at the boys (and they get the biggest kick out of it).  She loves swimming once she warms up to it.  Sometimes she will sit in the same pile of toys and play with them for a half hour.

And she is the prettiest thing I look at every day.



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Easter 2014

Oliver has been counting down the sleeps to Easter since early in the week, after talking about it in preschool.  When we talked about the Easter bunny coming to our house and having an egg hunt, Oliver was excited but Emery was quite concerned and said, “I don’t want the Easter bunny to come into my room because I don’t want him to wake me up!”.  I assured him the Easter bunny was very sneaky and quiet and would stay downstairs and he seemed okay with that.

This year we died eggs for the first time.  I expected them to be a little more excited about the process but I think there was too much waiting.  Oliver definitely lost interest in it (but that might have had more to do with his score in the game of the moment than anything else).  IMG_4024

IMG_4026 Emery liked his eggs though!  IMG_4030

And we ended up with a pretty little bowl of Easter decorations!  IMG_4032

On Sunday morning, Oliver woke up and walked right by his basket.  He didn’t notice the eggs around the room and didn’t remember that it was Easter morning.  He was pretty keen when it sunk in though!  Thankfully Emery woke up so they could get right to it!  When he noticed the Easter baskets and that the bunny had come, he said, “And he didn’t even come in my room!”.  Phew!IMG_5865

IMG_5870This is the best picture I have of the little lady in her Easter dress (boo to forgetting the camera!).  She’s such a doll.  IMG_20140420_143116We had a great weekend of playing outside, food, campfires, friends, family… what could be better!


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April Snow Hike

We (meaning I) have been feeling kind of house bound lately.  There still might be feet of snow on the ground but the temperature the last couple of days is screaming spring so we got out of the house this morning.  We found a back road, drove until we saw a snowmobile trail crossing the road, got out, and walked.

It started out a bit sunny.  IMG_5826 The boys knew we had snacks packed in the backpack and asked for a snack break about 50 feet into the trail.  IMG_5830 Eleanor was strapped in, looking cute as ever.IMG_5832 About halfway in, it started lightly snowing.  I know it’s April and all and everyone is sick of the snow but … it was beautiful.  IMG_5839 This is our attempt at a selfie.  If we add any more kids, my arms will have to get longer!  IMG_5851

Love this shot.  IMG_5859The boys often go out but I have been staying in with Eleanor if it is too cold, so it was definitely nice for all of us to get out together.  I don’t know where yet but we will be heading out tomorrow too!