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A Winter Day at the Camp

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Oh how I love these days at nana and papa’s camp… the temperatures were mild, the camp was cozy warm, the company was good.  Even the snow was lightly falling for a while.  It was perfect.


The snow was just right for sliding!  IMG_5683


This is the best pic to show the hole we dug for the fire (and it doesn’t show it well).  The snow was up the backs of the chairs and even with the firepit ring (at first, at least).  So much fun!
IMG_5696Hot dogs taste soooooo much better when they’re cooked on a stick over the fire.  And chips have no calories. IMG_5694


Eleanor likes being outside too, even though she’s a little too small for sliding.  She did have her first ride on a snowmobile though (strapped onto mommy) and wasn’t a bit bothered by it!  IMG_5702

She got tuckered out sitting around the campfire but she’s certainly in good company with these two lovely ladies.  They’re so important to me.  It was so mild we could have sat there all afternoon.  IMG_5706 But we went into the camp after a while to warm up and Oliver treated us to story time.  Yup, he read to us and that one is not even a level 1 reader.  He has been reading a lot lately but is usually shy about it so I was proud of him for reading out loud to the room.  IMG_5712

I like the way Emery is looking at Oliver in this one.  IMG_5716

And wherever we are, whatever we are doing, it is always the right time for baby sister kisses.

IMG_5721It isn’t all that often that all the factors line up to produce a wonderful day like this so we are appreciative when it does.  Days like this also make me feel a bit sorry for people who can’t get outside, appreciate nature, and enjoy winter.  To each their own but sometimes I think that they can’t enjoy winter because they’ve never had the chance to spend time in winter like we did at the camp on Saturday.

Hubby decided to stay out at the camp and spend the night with the boys.  I admit I was a bit worried about how they would make out … it is a few kms walk back to the car if there isn’t a snowmobile handy… but they had a good night, good breakfast, and managed the walk just fine (despite a bit of a wrong turn!).  And that makes me thankful for a hubby who is brave enough to take the boys on adventures like that.  He’s super.


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One thought on “A Winter Day at the Camp

  1. That was such a great day at the “Blue House”. Blessed to share it with some of our favorite people. And yes Brian is a ‘trooper”Dad for sure!!

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