Growing Out On A Limb

Oliver turns 5!

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Five years seems like so much time when measuring by anything else but when measuring it by you, it feels like a quick blur.

At five, you are creative and imaginative and it shows in your drawing and toy play.  You are so smart and like to challenge yourself whether it’s reading or skiing.  You can count to 100 (sometimes need help), have a big vocabulary, count backwards from 20 without missing a beat, count by twos and threes, get adding and subtracting… you constantly surprise me.

You are very strong-willed – when you decide you want something a certain way, nothing else will do.  I guess you probably get that from me and that our similar personalities are why we find ourselves in power struggles so often.  But we’re working on it.  Your energy is sometimes a challenge for us to understand but my wish is that we can teach you to settle down that energy when it is appropriate and use it to your advantage to do great things in the future.

You really like being a big brother but we are working on being too bossy sometimes and on using your words to express your feelings instead of your fists or feet.  I love your passion but we need to help you direct it in the right place.  So far we only see it here at home and Emery takes the brunt of it.  He looks up to you so much.

I love hearing about what you did at preschool, talking about your little friends, and playing with them.  I love the stories and jokes you tell and the excitement that you tell them with.  I love how silly you can be and how serious you can be.  I love seeing your kindness to your siblings and hearing you say, “Let me help you, Emery…”.  I love how you sometimes surprise me with a kiss out of nowhere.

Here are more things about you as you turn five:

  • You like to “baby talk” to your sister and hold her.
  • You are reading level 1 readers quite easily and have been for a couple of months now.  Nana and papa say you take after mommy by reading at only 4 years old.
  • You like legos, coloring, and puzzles (100 pieces!).  Your drawings are often really creative.
  • You love playing games on our tablets – angry birds still comes up often but also subway surfers and construction games).  Your interest in trains seems to be giving way a bit to super heroes… we’ll see where that goes.
  • You still wear an eye patch five days a week.
  • Swimming, skiing, and bowling are activities that you love recently.
  • You love going outside and will even spend quite a bit of time outside by yourself.  You like to shovel the yard and to slide.
  • You love to be helpful – vacuuming, sweeping, getting the mail, feeding the baby, cooking.

Today, while coloring a picture of two angry birds getting married, you told me that you were coloring it for me because you wanted to marry me.  After thinking about it, you decided that we could not get married right now … we would have to wait until you’re a grown up.

On Saturday we had some of your friends over for a superhero-themed party.  
IMG_3858 Here are some of the super heroes now… IMG_3866

We had some longtime friends of our family, as well as a couple of new friends from school.  IMG_3893

The money shot… IMG_3897

Eleanor handled the crowd and extra noise really well.  IMG_3915

What boy doesn’t love a train table?!  IMG_3922

Opening presents.  Everyone wanted a good look.  IMG_3933


Ironman was a hit.  Man, I love this kid.  IMG_3950

Then on Monday night we had some family over for another little get together.  We had planned on it being Sunday but for the second year in a row there was a huge snowstorm and we had to settle for pizza and cake after work.  Maybe ‘settle’ isn’t the right word because we love any time we get to spend with nana and papa, grammie, nan, dawn, and scott.  They are so kind to us.  IMG_3979

On your actual birthday, you and I headed to “wally world” and spent your birthday money.  You are so much fun to shop with, looking all the aisles up and down before deciding what you wanted.

I love my Oliver … I wouldn’t change a thing about who you are and look forward to seeing who you become.  I hope you felt super special on your birthday.

Love, Mommy


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