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Cape Breton holiday

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On New Year’s Eve day we traveled to Arichat to spend a few days with hubby’s family.  We were there to celebrate Velma’s 70th birthday but I think just getting all of his brothers and sisters home at the same time seemed reason enough to celebrate.

These are not my pictures, I was negligent on this trip, but I had to post a few of the others’ pics.



The ‘re-creation pic’…  IMG_9384

Amanda and Eleanor… you can tell Eleanor still doesn’t know what to think of the camera.  IMG_9192

Uncle Todd and princess drool… IMG_9195

Mmm… hot chocolate after sliding.  IMG_9196

Grampy at his party, which was a great time, great food, and a well put-together party.  IMG_9230

Nanny has me now!  Eleanor was passed around quite a few times during the party but she didn’t seem to mind.  IMG_9236

I like the way Emery is eyeing Grampy’s cake.  

The cake.


Oliver was super excited to wear his shirt and tie.  Balloons and cake are also behind that smile!  IMG_9286

Photo bomb!  Okay, a staged photo bomb.  IMG_9309


Now this looks like a comfy place for a nap!  This was one of Grampy’s gifts (from the kids from the north) and he loved it.  IMG_00000563

Sisters (in law)… a fun pair 🙂IMG_9371

Jenn getting more “selfie” practice!IMG_0043

We saw a great party, an almost-unheard-of blizzard (for that area), sliding, two looooong drives, renos, card games, and lots of laughs among family.  Overall it was a really great trip!

We also spent a night in Halifax on the way home.  The boys were so excited to stay at a hotel and go swimming in the pool.  As we were driving through the city looking for the hotel, Oliver said from the backseat, “I am SO excited to go to the hotel, my eyes are dripping tears!”.  We had a good night (well… the boys slept well) and headed home the next day.  I love those little detours.


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One thought on “Cape Breton holiday

  1. Candice and Brian: What a wonderful celebration, both at the party and at home! Your family is very special. Oliver looked so grown up with his shirt and tie! Tell him that I noticed!! I am so neglectful about telling the children these important comments. Emery is so easy going and happy all the time. And Eleanor was sooo popular and not shy yet with anyone who gave her attention! She is a beautiful baby, and good natured. We oloved the cake, both with admiration and tasting it! The photo show meant a lot to dad and I. Oh, the memories!! Jennifer gave dad a photo album with such a nice selection of pictures. I know both of you had something to do with some of that. We will treasure it always. Your father will make an appointment with that chef when he can figure out just the right time. that was a very thoughtful gift. We will all benefit from this gift when he experiences the event.

    Also, thank you so much for the basket of beautiful kitchen things. I try to use something new every day. I need to try the rolling pin soon!!

    Good luck with house hunting. Try not to get too stressed with your search.

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