Growing Out On A Limb

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Ice cream love

Every kid loves ice cream but I think Oliver gets the lick-every-bit-from-the-bowl gene from his papa.  Or me.

Okay, it’s probably from me but since my affinity for ice cream comes directly from papa, Oliver definitely gets it honestly.  Times two.





5 1/2 month beauty

Eleanor is such a beautiful, happy baby.

She is super smiley (especially for mommy) and loves attention from her brothers but she sometimes plays shy with people, dropping her eyes and hanging her head.

She’s quite attached to mommy already, so much that we are having a hard time making the switch to a new mom’s club at a different gym (I think it’s the extra noise and I’m hoping she lets me workout soon).

I think we are on our way to another early walker – for a couple of weeks Eleanor isn’t staying put on her mat, rolling over all the time, pulling herself forward on the wood floor toward toys.  At this rate she might out-walk Oliver (8.5 months) and Emery (9.5 months).

Last weekend we were in Halifax, waiting for a table at boston pizza.  While scanning the room I kept noticing a man staring at Eleanor.  Not that unusual because people notice babies all the time but he eventually came over, wide-eyed, and said, “I don’t mean to be forward but I noticed your baby and wanted to tell you that she is just … striking!”.  I agree wholeheartedly, of course.

These pics are a lot of the same pose but I just couldn’t pick a favorite or even two.  IMG_3797








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Along with nana and papa, we finally got bowling on the weekend.

The boys loved it, especially Oliver.  I don’t think we were out of the parking lot and he was asking when we were going to go again.  And he has asked no less than a dozen times since.  

Emery did well too, just tired of it more quickly than Oliver did.  I like his between-the-legs form in this picture.  Let’s just say some of the balls were a while reaching the pins.  IMG_3734

Eleanor was passed back and forth a lot, then napped during the second string.  IMG_3715



Co-ed almost-synchronized nana and papa bowling.  IMG_3765

For a while Oliver would give this little kick after letting the ball go.  About halfway through he must have decided that between the legs was too babyish for him because he started letting it go like we were, taking a running start from the seats.

Oh, Emery.  I don’t think you could be any sweeter.  IMG_3787




One of our favorite things to do on the weekend is to go to public swim at the local pool.  The boys are both a lot braver after taking eight weeks of swimming lessons.  They didn’t pass the Salamander level but they loved every minute of it and were eager to try everything the instructors asked of them.

Emery jumps in by himself and to us and is fine to walk around the water up to his chest.  He still mostly likes to play with us or with us nearby though.


A couple of weeks ago I convinced Oliver to put a life jacket on and he discovered he could easily swim with it on.  He swims from one end of the pool to the other and even jumps onto his belly with it on.

He also jumps into water to his neck without a life jacket.

I’ve also seen him dunk his head up to the top of his ears (but so far no convincing him to go all the way).  Pretty good for a little guy that didn’t even want his face wet six months ago!


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“I love her!”

Emery is our little Mr. Sensitive, always kissing Eleanor and I especially.  If he is away from Eleanor for even twenty minutes, it’s like he has an overpowering urge to kiss her as soon as he sees her.  You can see it in his eyes  and he heads straight for her on a mission, saying, “I want to kiss the baby”.

He also randomly tells me, “I yuv Eh-noah” or “I yuv the baby”.  Or if he is playing with her and she smiles at him he says, “The baby yuvs me!”.  He is also the one who will often spend a lot of time playing with her on her mat.

Yesterday I leaned the baby in for a hug and the way she was laying on him was too cute.

IMG_3614 And of course I hummed and hawed enough that Oliver wanted a “laying down” picture with Eleanor too.  He loves her too … a lot … just in a bit of a different way.  I always smile when he brings her a toy to play with or when I hear him talking to her in his “baby voice”… “Hi baby gur-ul… did you have a good sleep?  Huh?  Did ya?”. IMG_3616Sweeties.  All three of them.