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Advent 2013 – 21 to 23

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We’ve had so much snow and weather the last five or six days, I’ve had to adjust the advent activities here and there.  The kids didn’t notice this year but next year Oliver will be reading more and I’ll have to be slicker about it!

#21.  Go shopping for each other (Oliver and Emery).  On Saturday Brian and I went out separate ways, each with one of the boys, so it was the perfect opportunity to get this one done.  Oliver was pretty excited about finding something for Emery but I think it was kind of hard for him to think only about Emery.  He helped me wrap it when we got home (loved it!) and has kept the secret so far!

#22.  Make homemade ornaments.  My original idea for this project failed so, with paint aprons already on, we went with a project you see all over the internet (if you’re looking the places I do, that is).  We used a couple of balls we already had, painted the boys hands white, then had them hold onto them.  Then you turn the hand print into a cluster of five snowmen by adding details with a sharpie.  They turned out pretty cute!

Emery is looking pretty proud of his ornament and this m&m ornament that nana gave him.



Oliver also had to pose with the m&m ornament.  They don’t even know (yet) that there is candy inside(?)!  IMG_3437

His fingers were a little more spread out so it was harder to get a good shot of all of his “snowmen”.  IMG_3446

I started to paint Eleanor’s hand but she still clutches them closed a lot so I knew a) we would end up with paint all over both of us before we were done and b) it would end up looking like crap.  So instead we got her footprint.  IMG_3449I really hope to see them on our tree and then on theirs for a long time to come.


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30-something living in New Brunswick, Canada. Married with two adorable boys, piano player and teacher, curler, and enjoy all types of sewing and crafting.

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