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Advent 2013 – 14 to 20

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#14.  Oliver’s Christmas concert and our work’s Christmas party.  Oliver was adorable in his concert and yes, I was the mom holding back tears as he rang his little bell.  Hopefully I will have more pics of that to post soon.  The Christmas party was pizza, santa, and a gift so also lots of fun!


#15.  Decorate the Christmas tree.  Oliver walked downstairs in the morning, saw the lights on the tree, and said, “Hey!  Who decorated the tree without me?!”.  But I had only done the lights and garland and the boys helped me with the rest.  They loved pulling the ornaments out because they are all new to them every year.  Oliver also had some of his own ornaments that he had made at school and he was pretty excited to put those on the tree.  IMG_3400


#16.  Christmas cards for classmates.  I admit this one was a bust – I bought little cards for him to sign but just couldn’t convince Oliver on that day.  (Or Emery, for that matter, who was told he could make cards for others).

#17.  Gifts for Oliver’s teachers.  The boys went to daycare this day so I put tins of homemade goodies together and Oliver prepared the cards his three teachers.  (I admit this one was kind of lame too… not that much fun and didn’t involve Emery at all).

#18 – Make rice krispie christmas trees.  A while ago I saw a neat idea to build christmas trees out of rice krispie treats that were died green.  On this day, we were too busy and not in the right moods to try this so we used christmas tree and star cutouts instead.  They decorated with jumbo non-pareils.

I think Emery ate as many as he put on the trees.




#19.  Make Christmas cookies and deliver to friends.  I didn’t get pictures but we made sugar cookies, decorated with sprinkles, and planned to deliver them to the ladies at the gym that run the mom’s club.  They are so kind to us – they watch the boys three days a week while I exercise and the boys love them.

#20.  Picnic in front of the Christmas tree.  The boys did this one while I was out with Eleanor.  All I know is they had fruit salad, watched Frosty, and had smiles on their faces when they were done!

IMG_5504Only four more advent days left!


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