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Advent 2013 – Getting Started

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For two years now I have wanted to do an advent calendar for the boys, one full of activities to do leading up to Christmas (and maybe a chocolate here and there).  But the one I’ve had my eye on will take sewing and materials that I don’t have time or room for anymore.  And I’m trying to give myself a break this year.

So I found these gift card holders (3 for $1), punched a hole in them, and hung them using twine.  Inside each is a slip of paper with the day’s activity.

So far so good!

#1.  Make pom pom Christmas trees.


#2.  Make a Christmas sticker picture.

The boys liked this one!  The pictures went right up on their bedroom walls.


IMG_5449This is Oliver’s and I think he was quite clever, drawing the bodies to go along with the heads in the stickers.  See Rudolph, santa (in orange), and santa in his sleigh pulled by three reindeer?  IMG_5485

#3.  Shop for two kids that the boys went to daycare with and whose house burned a few weeks ago.  We decided it would be nice to help them out and get them something this year so we made a special trip to walmart.  They picked the gifts (with some influence from me), the gift bags, and an ornament for each of them.  I know they are a little young for this lesson to hold a ton of weight but helping out a local family is something I’d like to do every year so it will sink in eventually.

The boys were a tad bit silly in the toy aisle.  IMG_00000199

And again in the Christmas aisle.  IMG_00000200

#4.  Make a snowman craft.

I think the boys liked this one the best so far but it may have been due to munching on stray marshmallows.  IMG_5465


I think these are adorable and worked well with both Emery and Oliver… Emery followed my lead but was able to glue things on himself, while Oliver was able to take a little more creative liberty with the snowman.  IMG_5474


#5.  Read Christmas stories at bedtime.

#6.  Spend the night with Nana and Papa.

#7.  Go see the movie Frozen and the Santa Claus Parade.

#8.  Have a christmas-y glow stick bath.

I found these glow sticks with Christmas toppers, cracked them open, and turned out the lights.  The boys liked it as much as the first time.


#9.  Read two new Christmas books.  We went with ‘Stick Man’ and ‘How do Dinosaurs say Merry Christmas’… both are really cute and already loved.

#10.  Make cards for nanny and grampy.  (They’re in the mail tomorrow!)

The boys are pretty excited to open the little envelopes every day so I consider that success and look forward to opening the rest!


Author: furrychocolates

30-something living in New Brunswick, Canada. Married with two adorable boys, piano player and teacher, curler, and enjoy all types of sewing and crafting.

One thought on “Advent 2013 – Getting Started

  1. You are a very special MOM!!!! What a gift you have given your children and Brian! And us! I look forward to reading your new posts. God bless you Candice!!! We love you all! Great choice Brian! Phyllis and Velma

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