Growing Out On A Limb

Meduxnekeag Hiking

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We were spoiled in our old house because we could walk out our door and onto various wheeler and snowmobile trails.  We can’t do that from this house but with the help of some friends, we recently discovered a hiking trail system nearby that is satisfying our appetite for hiking.

I’ve canoed the Meduxnekeag river a few times but never knew about the nature preserve and set of trails spotlighting it.  It’s a nice find because it is just a ten minute drive from here, the trails are wonderfully marked, and they are a good length and difficulty for all of us.

Last week the boys and I did the orange trail (about an hour).


Oliver was our leader, following the orange markers.  IMG_00000173


We had to stop and have our snack of course!  Oliver was proud to have the snacks and water in his backpack.  IMG_00000180

And Eleanor was just along for the ride, as usual.  IMG_00000188

A big stretch of the orange trail goes along the river, which is beautiful even this time of year.
IMG_00000189 Emery got a little tired toward the end but an hour is a long hike for those short legs.  IMG_00000193 This past weekend we did another hike with daddy and papa.  We started out on the red trail, then went onto the blue trail loop.  It was mild and lightly snowing with a bit of fresh snow on the ground… and we went for ice cream after… so it was pretty much a perfect afternoon!  IMG_3341

We’re going to keep knocking trails off the list until we are either done or there is too much snow, whichever comes first!


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