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Christmas 2013

We took a few pics on Christmas morning.  It was about what I expected… the boys were excited, bouncy, difficult to keep from tearing every present open in a minute flat.  But that was a gift for me … to watch them so excited, bouncy, and happy about every gift, whether it was socks or a monster truck.

Nana, papa, and nan came to watch us open presents, another gift for me.  Then a super special gift for all of us… a skype call with Ali, Moe, and Aaliyah.  We missed them all day but said how fortunate we are that we can see and hear them so easily and that if it was twenty years ago we would only have snail mail and poor phone service and it would feel like she was in a black hole.

Then we opened presents.  Oliver went from gift to gift, looking for his name.  Both boys liked helping us and Eleanor open our gifts.



Precious picture of nan and eleanor.




Checking out Emery’s new play doh truck.IMG_3550

All three kids got sweet crocheted owl hats from aunt gail.

Too cute not to post a couple pictures.  IMG_3565

Silly pose!

IMG_3574For me, the spirit of Christmas has changed since having children.  They are what make the decorations and tree trimming and crafts and all the rest worth it.  They make the parades and office parties and santa play fun.  To them, Christmas is magic and, while it is, I am going to try and see it through their eyes and enjoy every moment.


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Merry Christmas 2013

To everyone we hold dear… Merry Christmas!

We have had a great day of food, family, and fellowship… just what Christmas should look like in this mama’s opinion.  It’s impossible to not feel a void where Ali, Aaliyah, and Moe usually are but modern technology let them be a part of our day and for that we are thankful.

We received so many wonderful and thoughtful gifts.  Thanks aunt Gail for the owl hats… can you tell they love them?!  IMG_3565

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Advent 2013 – 21 to 23

We’ve had so much snow and weather the last five or six days, I’ve had to adjust the advent activities here and there.  The kids didn’t notice this year but next year Oliver will be reading more and I’ll have to be slicker about it!

#21.  Go shopping for each other (Oliver and Emery).  On Saturday Brian and I went out separate ways, each with one of the boys, so it was the perfect opportunity to get this one done.  Oliver was pretty excited about finding something for Emery but I think it was kind of hard for him to think only about Emery.  He helped me wrap it when we got home (loved it!) and has kept the secret so far!

#22.  Make homemade ornaments.  My original idea for this project failed so, with paint aprons already on, we went with a project you see all over the internet (if you’re looking the places I do, that is).  We used a couple of balls we already had, painted the boys hands white, then had them hold onto them.  Then you turn the hand print into a cluster of five snowmen by adding details with a sharpie.  They turned out pretty cute!

Emery is looking pretty proud of his ornament and this m&m ornament that nana gave him.



Oliver also had to pose with the m&m ornament.  They don’t even know (yet) that there is candy inside(?)!  IMG_3437

His fingers were a little more spread out so it was harder to get a good shot of all of his “snowmen”.  IMG_3446

I started to paint Eleanor’s hand but she still clutches them closed a lot so I knew a) we would end up with paint all over both of us before we were done and b) it would end up looking like crap.  So instead we got her footprint.  IMG_3449I really hope to see them on our tree and then on theirs for a long time to come.

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Loving Snow

All of this snow lately means fun outside.  We don’t have hills close by for sliding but the kids can usually make their own fun outside.  Oliver is happy with a shovel.  A couple of days ago they were having fun jumping into the drifts.


They like yelling, “Cannonball!” when they jump.  IMG_5521

Eleanor was all bundled up and out to watch.  Emery took breaks even between jumps to give her kisses.


She doesn’t seem to mind the cold and snow, which is good if she’s going to hang around this crew!


A drawing by Emery

I know no one will care about this like his mother but this blog is about capturing these moments for him, for myself, for family members.

A couple of days ago, Emery said he was drawing a person … a man.  I looked at it expecting the squiggles that he has has done to this point but he drew this.  He said the lines around the top and bottom are his house.  IMG_5506

Until recently he hasn’t really cared about coloring or drawing but lately he is a lot better about staying inside the lines and a little more keen on it.

Cute Emery story:  Today hubby and Emery went to Fredericton to finish their shopping and run some errands.  When they got home, hubby told me that they went into a store and he told Emery they were looking for something for mommy.  For the next half hour they went up and down the aisles with Emery loudly (because everything Emery says is loud) saying things like, “Let’s get this… mommy would like this!”.  Shoppers were peeking down the aisle to see the cute boy with the lisp, shopping for his mommy.  I wish I could have seen it.  He is so sensitive and caring.


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Advent 2013 – 14 to 20

#14.  Oliver’s Christmas concert and our work’s Christmas party.  Oliver was adorable in his concert and yes, I was the mom holding back tears as he rang his little bell.  Hopefully I will have more pics of that to post soon.  The Christmas party was pizza, santa, and a gift so also lots of fun!


#15.  Decorate the Christmas tree.  Oliver walked downstairs in the morning, saw the lights on the tree, and said, “Hey!  Who decorated the tree without me?!”.  But I had only done the lights and garland and the boys helped me with the rest.  They loved pulling the ornaments out because they are all new to them every year.  Oliver also had some of his own ornaments that he had made at school and he was pretty excited to put those on the tree.  IMG_3400


#16.  Christmas cards for classmates.  I admit this one was a bust – I bought little cards for him to sign but just couldn’t convince Oliver on that day.  (Or Emery, for that matter, who was told he could make cards for others).

#17.  Gifts for Oliver’s teachers.  The boys went to daycare this day so I put tins of homemade goodies together and Oliver prepared the cards his three teachers.  (I admit this one was kind of lame too… not that much fun and didn’t involve Emery at all).

#18 – Make rice krispie christmas trees.  A while ago I saw a neat idea to build christmas trees out of rice krispie treats that were died green.  On this day, we were too busy and not in the right moods to try this so we used christmas tree and star cutouts instead.  They decorated with jumbo non-pareils.

I think Emery ate as many as he put on the trees.




#19.  Make Christmas cookies and deliver to friends.  I didn’t get pictures but we made sugar cookies, decorated with sprinkles, and planned to deliver them to the ladies at the gym that run the mom’s club.  They are so kind to us – they watch the boys three days a week while I exercise and the boys love them.

#20.  Picnic in front of the Christmas tree.  The boys did this one while I was out with Eleanor.  All I know is they had fruit salad, watched Frosty, and had smiles on their faces when they were done!

IMG_5504Only four more advent days left!