Growing Out On A Limb

Emery turns 3!

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My sweet Emery,

You turned three today!  And as I tucked you into bed tonight, I asked you if you felt bigger now that you are three and you said, “I just feel like I am three years old!”.  I guess I should have known.


Here are some things about you as you turn three…

  • You have always been very affectionate and that still rings true, especially toward Eleanor.  You often and randomly declare, “I want to kiss her!” as though you must.  And then you do … over and over again.  It’s so loving.
  • You want to be wherever Oliver is and you look up to him like little brothers should look up to big brothers.
  • You like being funny.
  • You are sensitive – it hurts your feelings when Oliver sometimes picks on you and when I’m angry with you.
  • You like playing video games on the tablet.  Your current favorite is minion rush, also ralph’s world, subway surfers, and the monster’s university game.
  • You have always been more outgoing than Oliver but developed a bit of a shy streak about six months ago.
  • My goodness, you can eat.  You are still a good eater and are mostly good at trying new things.  Your favorite food right now is peanut butter and honey sandwiches.  Other favorites are carrot sticks, caesar salad, honey nut cheerios, and ice cream.
  • Just recently you are starting to play with trains and figures on your own, making up stories for them.  This has been difficult for you up until now because Oliver has always led your play.
  • You are often hesitant to try things but the look on your face when you do and succeed is priceless.
  • You know some letters and numbers.  I suspect you know more than you let on but I’m not sure because you don’t like me quizzing you like Oliver always has.  Time for mommy to get creative.

You are such a sweet and caring boy.  Although some moments at home with three kids can be difficult, I am really glad to be spending this time at home with you now.  My favorite times with you are when Oliver is at school and we have some quiet time at home or run errands together – when it’s just you and me, I learn so much about you.

You are such a loving son, a tough-skinned little brother, and an adoring smoochy big brother – the perfect Emery for our family.

Here are some pictures from your birthday party …  minion themed!  We had lots of family here to celebrate with us!

We had a big spread of food and then a “pin the goggles on the minion” game.  This was Oliver’s idea earlier in the week and I think it was a great one!  You loved it.


Your cake… see the candles?


You blew out the candles in the middle of the song and then again at the end but that’s okay.  Oliver was close by to lend you a hand but you didn’t really need it!  


This is what I get for a “smile!” these days … joker!  IMG_3256

Opening presents was fun!  After each one, you said, “Wow!” as you looked at it.  IMG_3267

You are so lucky to have such fun cousins.  I love that the older cousins still know how to have fun with you (and still aren’t too old to show it).  IMG_3200

Daddy started a campfire outside to end the party (campfires are always fun).

You ended the day tuckered out and falling into bed, while I am ending the day thinking about your personality and who you are and how much I love you as you turn three years old.

Yup… that’s a great day.

Love… Mommy


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