Growing Out On A Limb

Eleanor – almost 11 weeks (with a bit of Emery too!)

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Yesterday I tried to take a few pictures of Eleanor (note the use of the word ‘tried’).  She is almost 11 weeks old and it’s been a few weeks without nice pics so, while Oliver was at school and it was just Emery, Eleanor, and I at home, I took out the camera.  I thought Emery would just continue playing his game but he wanted to be a little more involved than I counted on.

Emery and Eleanor are having tummy time.  Aww… so sweet.


I was trying to get a few shots of just Eleanor but Emery was flitting around, inserting himself into the pictures, and sitting his stuffy on Eleanor’s head.  Most of the photo shoot looked like this… IMG_3098 And this…IMG_3101And this.  


I still got a few shots of just Eleanor but I had to sneak them so I wouldn’t hurt Emery’s feelings.

Sometimes I can’t believe how beautiful she is.  IMG_3109

Even her scrunched up I’m-getting-cranky-can-we-end-this faces are adorable.  IMG_3123

So what started as an Eleanor photo shoot became an impromptu and somewhat forced brother-sister photo shoot.  But that’s okay because that’s Emery and how sweet he is and, in the end, I wouldn’t have it any other way.


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