Growing Out On A Limb

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Eleanor – almost 11 weeks (with a bit of Emery too!)

Yesterday I tried to take a few pictures of Eleanor (note the use of the word ‘tried’).  She is almost 11 weeks old and it’s been a few weeks without nice pics so, while Oliver was at school and it was just Emery, Eleanor, and I at home, I took out the camera.  I thought Emery would just continue playing his game but he wanted to be a little more involved than I counted on.

Emery and Eleanor are having tummy time.  Aww… so sweet.


I was trying to get a few shots of just Eleanor but Emery was flitting around, inserting himself into the pictures, and sitting his stuffy on Eleanor’s head.  Most of the photo shoot looked like this… IMG_3098 And this…IMG_3101And this.  


I still got a few shots of just Eleanor but I had to sneak them so I wouldn’t hurt Emery’s feelings.

Sometimes I can’t believe how beautiful she is.  IMG_3109

Even her scrunched up I’m-getting-cranky-can-we-end-this faces are adorable.  IMG_3123

So what started as an Eleanor photo shoot became an impromptu and somewhat forced brother-sister photo shoot.  But that’s okay because that’s Emery and how sweet he is and, in the end, I wouldn’t have it any other way.


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Fall Play

I found a few pics taken of the boys in early October, playing in the leaves in the front yard (and what a pile of them there were are!).  They had a ball raking up the leaves, jumping into the piles, burying each other, and throwing them at each other.


Handsome. IMG_2980

Handsome x 2.  IMG_2986

Possibly the best fall picture ever.  IMG_2982


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The boys say so many funny things.  Every time something funny comes out of them I plan to jot it down and save it here but I’m finding myself a little busier and distracted lately (aka “at home with three children”) so if I don’t write it down immediately it’s gone.  Here are a few things I managed to save.


Oliver and Emery both call McDonalds “Old McDonalds”.  I think there must have been an overlap of going there to eat one day and hearing that song in the car one day.  It has stuck!


Several weeks ago we were eating at the supper table.  That particular night there were leftover cupcakes for dessert.

Emery:  “Mommy, can I have a cupcake?”

Mommy: “You have more bites of your meat and vegetables and then we’ll talk”

Supper continued as usual.  I didn’t really notice that Emery was shoveling in the food beside me, forkful after forkful.  But then, with a very full mouth of food, he said, “Mommy, I ate my meat… now will you talk to me?”.



Recently we were driving along and Oliver noticed a tower out his window.

Oliver:  “What is that tower for?”

Me:  “Our phones use that tower to get a signal when we call someone”

Oliver:  “Oh, you mean your cellophones?”


One day we were driving to the high school to pick up our sitter from soccer practice.  Oliver asked what a high school is so I explained that it is where older kids go to school.

From the back seat I hear Emery say, “Awe-vuh, you go to high school”.

Oliver replied, “No Emery, Autumn goes to high school.  I go to low school”.


Emery and I were sitting together one day.

Me:  “I love you, Emery”

Emery:  “I love you, mommy.  I love mommy and Daddy and Oliver.  And I love myself.  I love your self and daddy’s self and oliver’s self… I love all of our selfs”.


I need to be better at getting things on here as they say them so I don’t forget… they’re so funny!

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Grafton Shore Walk

We are always looking for new places to explore – the boys love to be outside and I love taking them outside (getting out of the house means distraction for them, which sometimes means sanity for me).  I don’t know the woods trails in this area (yet) so sometimes we take off without knowing where exactly we will end up.

This morning we checked out the Grafton Shore road.  I knew we could pass the barricade and walk along the old road but I did not know that along much of that old road is this beautiful rocky/sandy beach.  I didn’t even have a camera with me but got these pics with my phone (call me impressed!).

We sat and had a little snack on a driftwood log, then walked along the beach.  The boys liked throwing sticks and rocks in the water while Eleanor and I enjoyed the warm morning sun.


The beach stretches like this for a long way.  We walked to the point and back but I’m sure there is even more to explore if you keep going around the bend.



What a beautiful morning in a beautiful place.


(I know it is prone to flooding but I think the town needs to clean up that old road a bit and make it a walking trail.  Nothing fancy but there are also trails in the woods that we are going to check out next time and I know there is more shoreline to explore.  And the river has a sandy bottom in some places so why don’t people swim in it?!  It’s just such a beautiful spot that it is really a shame to not be a destination in the town and enjoyed by more people.  Rant over.)


Eleanor at 8 weeks

Our little girl was 8 weeks old last week!

She is doing so well – gaining weight like crazy (weighing in at 10 lbs 15.5 oz), still sleeping a pretty good stretch at night (although mommy could stand to stretch this out a little bit more), and is generally a happy baby when she is awake.  She complains a bit more about gas than the boys did and she doesn’t always get the nice long naps she needs with the boys running around, but we manage.


She first smiled at 4 weeks (it was NOT gas!) and at about week 6 started smiling consistently in response to mine.  Now the boys come running when I start talking to her to see if she will smile or not.

I love this expression on her face.  IMG_3025

This look is all Brian (although even he would admit she makes it much cuter!).IMG_3028

She still isn’t much fun for the boys but they sure do like to hold her.  Emery (aka Mr. Sensitive) asks to kiss her at least twenty times a day (it nearly killed him to not kiss her for a few days last week when he was sick).  Oliver isn’t quite so touchy-feely but he does like to hold her often and will sometimes announce out-of-the-blue, “I love having a baby!” or “I love her!”.
IMG_3032She is generally very forgiving of the sibling lovin’ (and occasional mauling), which makes me believe she will be the toughest and most laid back little girl around!


Crafty Fall Fun

We love a good craft around here, especially when it comes in pumpkin and leaf form.  I’m finding crafts are a really good distraction sometimes when home with three kids … almost necessary some days … and there are some really good fall crafts out there.  

I found this stained glass leaf craft here.  I didn’t put the borders around the leaves but Oliver and I had fun with it and they sure look pretty in the window.



I love this time of year and I love carving pumpkins but, since the kids aren’t old enough to carve yet, we look for other ideas.  When Oliver was tearing up tissue paper for the leaf craft, he started keeping some of it in long strips and started talking about a mummy pumpkin.  I had no idea where it was coming from but he was still talking about it the next day when we picked up the pumpkins.

So I drew the eyes and he started gluing the strips of paper.  I asked him if he had seen the idea in a book or on TV and he said it was in his own head.  I love that he let his creativity take over and led this craft on his own.

IMG_3008He is quite proud of it too.
IMG_3009 Who doesn’t love a minion?  My boys do so when I saw these minion pumpkins I knew we had to have one of our own.  Once we got started I realized that much of this craft was too hard for Oliver yet but we shared the painting and both boys helped me put the pipe cleaner hair in.  IMG_3040I think it is adorable and I wish we had time to make a whole family of them.  

The boys are pretty excited about both pumpkins and about Halloween in general this year.  And we are having fun decorating since we’ve never lived in a house where Halloween decorations could be seen and now the boys are big enough to enjoy them.  IMG_3048
And this one is just for fun.  Emery wasn’t feeling real smiley – he has been sick all week – so goofy faces were in order.  IMG_3055

(If you think that one is good, you should see the outtakes. )