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Canada Day 2013

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Although it has been a cool, damp spring overall, Canada day was hot and sunny and just a beautiful day to be outside.

We started out just doing chores and playing around home.  Oliver is really keen to help me with little chores and I do not hesitate to let him (especially since I know he won’t always be offering to help).  Besides, it’s important to me that I raise boys that are self-sufficient and do all types of chores.  And he feels good about contributing.  It’s a win for both of us.



It also gave us a chance to talk about the bees buzzing at a bush near the clothesline.  He recently got stung and has been petrified of “stingy bugs” ever since.  From his stool he could see them buzzing around and he was scared but we talked about how the bee was just doing his job, like Oliver was, by taking the nectar back to the hive, and that he should just be still when they come close.  I don’t know if it helped his fear but it can’t hurt for him to be able to watch them from a distance.

(Meanwhile, Emery was sitting there watching them buzz around flowers a foot away, saying, “Look, mommy!”).

Oliver rode his bike a bit.

IMG_1945(The helmet went on less than two minutes after this).  

We didn’t get any pictures but we headed downtown later to take part in the town’s Canada day festivities.  They had a magic show, several big bouncy castles, free swimming (which was super welcome on such a hot day), and lots of yummy food.

We needed a break before the parade started though.  An ice cream break!

IMG_4492 I tried to get Emery to smile for an ice-cream-all-over-the-face shot.  This is what I got:  IMG_4497 Then he gave me his “surprised” face.  IMG_4498Then it was time for the parade!  It’s your typical small-town parade,  maybe a little smaller this year, which is just fine with the boys.  I think this is the only shot we have that would indicate to anyone that it was Canada day.  Emery still doesn’t grasp that it was a holiday to celebrate Canada (or what “Canada” is for that matter) but Oliver was really interested in why people had flags up and what the holiday was all about this year.


The highlight of the parade for two boys?  The massive tractor that came next.  It’s not actually in the picture of course but I like the looks on their faces in this picture.  IMG_4507

The weekends and the holidays play me out, being over 7 months pregnant and all, and by the end of the day my hips and lower back are really sore.  But these fun off-routine days are so worth it… the boys have fun, we have fun, and we’re taking part in our town’s festivities, which I think is really important for the kids to experience.

And of course, the memories are priceless.



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30-something living in New Brunswick, Canada. Married with two adorable boys, piano player and teacher, curler, and enjoy all types of sewing and crafting.

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