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Oliver’s First Soccer Practice

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I am feeling like one proud mama.

Last night was Oliver’s first practice with his new soccer team!  He has been really excited for it but we were still preparing for last-minute hesitation and standing on the sidelines; we thought he would get there and see the crowd of kids and parents and refuse to take part.

But he surprised me … first by immediately taking to the slides with a little boy he didn’t know.  Then by diving right in, taking a ball, and not looking back.  He sat with the team, listened to the coach, did everything she said … and then cried a little when it was time to go.  He loved it.

On one hand, I feel like I didn’t give him enough credit by assuming I had to prepare him so carefully and that he wouldn’t participate for a week or two.  On the other hand, that has been his tendency for the last year or so, so I felt like I was just preparing him for the situation and helping him have fun.  Either way, it seems he has taken a growth spurt lately – in maturity, not size – and soccer was just another indication of that.

And I of course was terribly proud to watch him jump right in and have so much fun!


Trying a high kick!IMG_4468

Practicing passing with his teammate.  IMG_4474

I think I’ll take the fact that he asked to sleep in his jersey and is already talking about next week as signs of success!


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