Growing Out On A Limb

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Sunday Morning on the Hawk

This might be our favorite place.

This Shikatehawk trail is beautiful to hike.  It is quite long in its entirety but we go just as far as the deep hole, which is just the right length for two and a half year old legs.  Once we’re there, the boys love to throw rocks, watch sticks float down the brook, catch imaginary fish for me to eat… they could do it for hours.  We have countless pictures from here and there are probably countless more to come.

This latest hike was last Sunday morning, a beautiful sunny spring morning.  It was this kind of morning…


The buds were just starting to pop on the trees, there were a few spring flowers to be found, and we even found enough fiddleheads to have for supper that night (which the boys loved helping me “hunt” for… Oliver would say, “heeeeeeerre fiddly fiddly fiddly head”).

And these two were particularly agreeable for pictures that day, which of course makes me happy.  I think this one has to go in a frame.


I like Oliver’s serious side as much as his goofy side.  IMG_1604

The sun was sparkling off the river.

I love this shot of my boys playing together.


And this one too.  They were “catching fish” and I, of course, was gobbling them up.  IMG_1620

We got some self-portraits in too.  IMG_1626-001

Emery stops at almost every tree stump to sit on his “seat” because he “needs a little rest”.

And sometimes they both sit down for a rest.  I don’t mind… we weren’t in a hurry.  IMG_1637

In between the fiddleheads, I took a few spring-y shots along the path.  IMG_1651 I’m sure some would think I’m crazy but I love the way skunk cabbage looks this time of year – so green and vibrant.   IMG_1662





Hayes Falls 2013

Spring came around here and it was like we couldn’t get outside fast enough.  We get out a lot in the winter but the air warmed up, the sun found strength, and it was like we were behind closed doors for months.

Knowing the weather was going to be fantastic this weekend, we took to the Maliseet trail to hike to Hayes falls yesterday with nana and papa.  The last time we hiked the trail Emery was in a carrier and nana and papa hadn’t hiked it since the 80s (apparently I was 7 or 8) so it was due time for all of us.

Nana and Emery taking a break at the top of the falls.  IMG_1519Having lunch perched at the bottom of Hayes falls… not too shabby.  And the boys always love a picnic.


IMG_1543 Oliver could scramble over the rocks all day long.  IMG_1557

The boys needed a little bit of help on the way back, Emery more than Oliver.  They both did really well though.  IMG_1565

Papa is always good for a ride.  IMG_1567

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Back to the Park!

Here’s to the first park day this spring!

These pictures are from Saturday morning last weekend, at our favorite park – the morning started off a little crisp but the day warmed up quickly.

These boys do love their slides and swings.  We even fit a game of hide and seek in there.  IMG_1472


Hello up there!  IMG_1474

Emery is doing really well on the big swings.  Oliver is learning how to push him and how to pump his legs (like big cousin Sophie).  
IMG_1484 There is nothing better than snacking outside!IMG_1491

Giddyup, dino!  IMG_1494

This picture doesn’t exactly scream success but Oliver slid down the pole by himself for the first time!  It took a bit of coaxing (and a spotter) but I finally convinced him to swing his legs over himself and slide down.  He normally has to do things in his own time but he trusted me and believed he could do it… I was so proud.  IMG_1497