Growing Out On A Limb

Easter 2013

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Easter 2013 turned out to be fabulous:  spectacular weather, lots and lots of family time, good food.  It was everything a long weekend should be.

I kept the camera close this weekend and took some pics to share…

Smoothie moustache.  Emery loved the smoothie (despite the sad face).  Oliver didn’t like the crunchy berry seeds.  I’m going to post the recipe in a later post.


We had a really nice dinner with family Friday night.  The best kind of dinner – the kind where everyone brings something!  Nana and papa started their big trip this weekend so this was time with my family.

On Saturday we went to Presque Isle for some odds and ends – groceries, picking up new glasses, haircuts.  And we checked out Maine Jump, which is basically a big room filled with bouncy castles and slides.  It was SO much fun!  The boys absolutely loved it and didn’t stop for hours.  (And it gave time for this mama to sneak out and get the groceries in peace – an extra gold star for Maine Jump!).

IMG_4070Here is one difference in my sons’ personalities:  The biggest slide had a large climb on one side that really intimidated Oliver so he didn’t want to try it.  While he was off to the side (resting a sore ankle), I took Emery over to it and, without any hesitation, he started up the climb.  He would have gone all the way to the top without a second thought, if he had figured out the little steps.  He needed a little help so I went up behind him a few times.

Once Oliver watched Emery do it, his confidence was boosted and he did the climb too (with me behind him one time only).  IMG_4075 Daddy helped the boys up a couple of times too.  That slide was fun!  IMG_4084Sunday morning was the typical Easter egg hunt and then we took off for a day with the Martells.  It was another beautiful soak-up-the-sun day and we took full advantage.

The Easter bunny brought us bubbles and Oliver learned to blow them himself!  Gently!  
The girls are not too old for bubbles!  They were really good with both of the boys too.  IMG_4098

This was actually later in the day, just Oliver and I blowing BIG bubbles.  (Speaking of big… do I really look THAT pregnant?!).  IMG_4108We had an Easter egg hunt outside after lunch.  Yup – still snow on the ground but it was melting fast on that day (although it has flurried off and on since then).  IMG_4105I think we might need to buy one of these.  The boys (and the girls) spent the majority of the day bouncing on the trampoline!  IMG_4121 I love this picture of Oliver… like the sun is pouring down on his happy self.  IMG_4126 The Easter bunny must be a boy because he brought bubbles AND water guns, which Oliver really had fun with!  Graham even got in on that action, shooting our bubbles with the water gun.  He’s really good with the boys too, which I’m really thankful for.  IMG_4134What a great weekend of sun, fun, and family!


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30-something living in New Brunswick, Canada. Married with two adorable boys, piano player and teacher, curler, and enjoy all types of sewing and crafting.

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