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Jamaica 2013


Our trip to Runaway Bay, Jamaica already seems like weeks and weeks ago.  We had a great week – sunny, warm, relaxing.  We missed the kids a lot but a skype “date” mid-week was just what we needed to reassure everyone.  Oliver didn’t talk much on Skype and when Nana asked him why he said, “I will talk to mommy and daddy at our house”.  I guess seeing us was just too much reminder that we were gone.  Emery’s appetite was off all week but otherwise he did fine.  When a Thursday night skype date didn’t pan out (because of WIFI at the resort), he told nana, “that’s ok… I’ll see them soon”.

These are just a few of my favorite pics from the week.

Sunset from our patio (which was pool- and ocean-front).

Pretty palm.  IMG_1204

Grand Bahia Principe in Runaway Bay – Our breathtaking, 5-star resort.  We walked around for the first night and day thinking we must be in the wrong place, that it was so beautiful we couldn’t possibly belong there!  (This is only about 1/4 of it by the way)IMG_1227

From our patio… left…


right… IMG_3974

Late afternoon shot from my poolside chair.  IMG_4001-001

From our favorite spot on the beach – The Point.  The furthest away from the resort but the best place to find a chair and the best place for snorkeling.   IMG_1342



This was another common sight at The Point.


Jerk chicken in Ocho Rios.  Brian’s pretty excited to try this at home now.


We did one day-long excursion.  This is Somerset Falls, the first stop.

IMG_1247 It was a beautiful several-tier waterfall of beautiful green water.  I couldn’t resist jumping in!  I think the rest of our group thought I was nutty.  IMG_1265

Frenchman’s Cove beach.  Apparently one of the finest beaches in Jamaica and where a part of Dr. No (Bond) was filmed.  We had lunch here and swam for a bit.  IMG_1275


Then they dropped us off for a raft ride down the Rio Grande river.  The rafts were made out of long stalks of bamboo and our buddy Glen here poled us down the river.  (See how the forest behind looks “fluffy”?  It’s bamboo!).  The rafts have a seat for us (just wide enough for our bums) and are about 30 feet long.  Apparently they originally used these rafts to float banana bunches out of the Blue mountains.  IMG_1290

IMG_1294I admit there were a couple of moments, in more rapid water, when I wasn’t sure Glen had it but he kept us afloat!
IMG_1303 This was the highlight of the day for us.  Glen answered our questions about the woods and the river and talked some about the Jamaican lifestyle.  Three or four times we floated by local kids fishing or playing in the river.  IMG_1313In a nutshell, we spent as much time as possible in our beach chairs, snorkeling, or poolside and it was fantastic!  I’m already planning the next trip!


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4 thoughts on “Jamaica 2013

  1. Awesome. Andrew and I were in Montego Bay. We too had great time
    Loved the jerky chicken and the Jamaican Rum. We were at the Hilton
    March 1-8. We did the nine mile tour. (Bob Marley Estate). Interesting.

  2. Loved your post & your photos! So nice to see nice photos of someone’s vacation … you guys are pretty good with that camera! 🙂 Glad you enjoyed and got some much needed sun, rest and relaxation!

  3. What a spectacular trip. I guess that we will only experience this kind of lifestyle through our children. That’s OK too. Glad you will have those memories.

    Sent from my iPad

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