Growing Out On A Limb

Christmas 2012

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Christmas has come and gone for another year and I’m not sure it could have been any better.  We had nine days off between Christmas and New Year’s Day and crammed just as much holiday and family fun as we possibly could into those days but it still felt like relaxed down time.  It was so hard to go back to work!

On Christmas eve we put on our new Christmas jammies, hung up our stockings, and put out a treat for Santa.  Oliver was quite offended when I suggested egg nog for Santa… “No!… Santa likes milk!”.


Dance party in our new jammies!  IMG_0787

On Christmas morning I was woken up to a loud, “Mommy, mommy… Santa got me Ferdinand for Christmas!”, which is the one thing he’s asked for for months.  He had snuck out to the living room to have a peek before waking us up.  Just he and I played for a while before Emery woke up.


The boys opened their stockings, then we had breakfast.  They were really excited to open the rest of their gifts so we took at them.  Things seemed to be going so fast (too fast) at one point … Oliver was spinning, I was flustered, and Emery seemed really overwhelmed… so I suggested we open his big gift from us, Tidmouth sheds, thinking it would slow him down to play for a bit before continuing.

IMG_0823Emery is a trooper.

I should have counted how many hours Oliver has played with this track set since Christmas.  Hey, I’m not going to stop him … check out that smile!  


Emery likes the new track too.  And they play together with it well.  Most of the time.  IMG_3641Then we hung out for a while at Nana and Papa’s for Christmas dinner.  Yumm.

Oliver and Emery liked hanging out with Aaliyah on the floor.


Emery is my baby so why does he look monstrous laying beside Aaliyah?

Nana and Papa had a few presents to open at their house too.  You guessed it … more additions to the track that they keep at their house.  Fun!  IMG_3684 He’s so handsome in his new clothes.  IMG_3701We took off boxing day for Cape Breton and spent a few days with the Martell family.  The boys traveled like champs, slept really well in strange beds, and mostly behaved themselves well for Nanny and Grampy and Uncle Jason.  In one way it’s a nice break to get away from home and not have the usual monotony of household chores but in another it’s difficult to keep your kids corralled in someone else’s home when they are outside of the familiar  and you are too.

We really had a great time chatting, hanging out together, playing games, and eating of course.  I really regret not getting pictures of that trip but it just went by so fast.

While we were visiting there a snowstorm hit at home.  I was bummed to miss it but we ended up leaving early to avoid a second snowstorm on the 30th (yay!) and even got a few inches New Year’s eve (more yay!) so … there are lots of sliding pictures to come in the next post!


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30-something living in New Brunswick, Canada. Married with two adorable boys, piano player and teacher, curler, and enjoy all types of sewing and crafting.

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