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Emery’s new glasses

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Yup, another one in glasses.

We were really surprised to find out that Emery’s eyesight is actually worse than Oliver’s.  Quite a lot worse actually.  It’s surprising to me, as it was with Oliver, how his eyesight could be so bad and yet he never show any signs of squinting or not seeing things correctly.  I guess that’s why it is important to get them checked early on and on schedule.

But I’ll be darned if he isn’t the cutest thing in glasses since Oliver!

Emery is about a year younger than Oliver was when he got glasses so, despite things going well with Oliver in terms of him keeping his glasses on, I worried that Emery wouldn’t be so easy.  After all, anytime he’s got a hand on our sunglasses he’s bent the bows off rather quickly.

But it went about the same as it did with Oliver.  We didn’t push it, just let him take them off when he wanted to and tried again later.  We dropped him off at Jean’s Monday morning and asked her to do the same, the best she could. When we picked him up at 5:30 we were told he had left them on all day.

I’m thankful that it hasn’t been a huge struggle but… why?  Is it the extra distraction at Jean’s?  Is it because it’s not us?  Is big brother’s example helping?  I don’t know but like I said, I’m thankful it hasn’t been a fight.  

And then there’s this one:

He’s still very good with his glasses.  We recently switched opthamologists (simply because a new one started up who is closer) and they recently told us to stop patching him for now.  She didn’t see any reason for it and said he may have just been having a bad day when he had the appointment that started us down that road.  Good news, though he was doing well with his patching (with freezie bribery).

I’m not sure where it comes from but lately he’s been posing like this every time the camera gets in front of him.


Both of them – goofballs.  My little four-eyed goofballs.



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One thought on “Emery’s new glasses

  1. Goofballs- why not?. After all they do come from the bloodline of fruitloop!!

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