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Apple picking

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Last year, for a variety of reasons that all worked against us, we missed our annual trip to the apple orchard.  We went on a beautiful Saturday afternoon and were told that the U-pick had closed just two days earlier.  Bummer.

I was not going to miss it again.  In fact, this year we jumped the gun a bit and went just after the U-pick opened and only three varieties were ready.  But that’s okay.  It was a beautiful day and we came home with lots of delicious apples so no complaints here.

Emery was a little sleepy and sober from the drive.  His stare can be so deep and intense sometimes.

Oliver was very keen to be helpful.  This year he really seemed intrigued by the idea that the apples were hanging on the trees!  Apple picking is about family time, yes.  It’s about doing something fun outside, yes.  But it is also about teaching our kids where real food comes from… I think that’s important and it’s neat to see Oliver grasping that and curious about it.


Of course both of them had their fair share of apples along the way.  Oliver must have had two or three apples while we were there and yet, as we were leaving, he said, “I need a snack!”.  What a boy.  I laughed and said, “Honey… you just had your snack.  Right off the tree!”.

It’s a great place to run around!

Yum yum.

The first picture of the boys and I since mother’s day of last year!  

We always have fun at the orchard… one of my favorite family traditions!


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30-something living in New Brunswick, Canada. Married with two adorable boys, piano player and teacher, curler, and enjoy all types of sewing and crafting.

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