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Oliver funnies

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We bought a bicycle for Oliver at Easter but he was very resistant to get on it.  He always chooses kicking a ball or running over the bike, I think mostly because he just doesn’t see very many kids on bikes so doesn’t get what they’re all about.  Finally, after pointing out several kids on their bikes in different places and scenarios, he is asking to go out and play on his bike .

Not a great picture but there he is …

Oliver, like any three year old, has some pretty funny things to say:

He’s sounding out words lately and telling me what letter they start with.  Like, “Buh-Buh-Ball… Ball starts with B!”, although most times he mixes it up and says “B starts with ball”.  The other day, around the dinner table he must have said the word mommy and then continued on like this:

“Muh-muh-mommy.  Mommy!  M starts with you!”

Then he looked at Emery and said, “Buh-buh-brother.  Emery, B starts with you!”

We haven’t in a while but we used to talk about Oliver’s day right before he fell asleep, as a way to help calm him down and recollect things from his day.

This particular day our sitter, the lovely Jean, told me that Oliver had bumped his head while playing outside that afternoon.  Nothing unusual, nothing to worry about.

On the ride home, from the back seat, Oliver said, “Mommy, do you want to talk about my day?”

Me:  “Yes, honey!  Tell me about your day”

Oliver:  “Well first… I bumped my head on the playhouse.”

Me:  “You did?”

Oliver:  “Yeah.  I was running and my legs were going too fast and my head bumped into the playhouse”.

Me:  “Oh, did it hurt?”

Oliver:  “Yeah”

Then a minute or two passes and I hear him say,”Emery, do you want to talk about my day?”

Emery: “Yuh”

Oliver:  “Well first… I bumped my head on the playhouse”…


I tried my best not to laugh out loud.



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