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A baby shower for kinder…


This past weekend Mom and I held a baby shower for a special lady… my sister and her soon-to-be-here baby Kinder!

We had a really good crowd, full of close friends and family there to wish Ali and her baby well.  We’re all anxious to meet the newest addition to our family and to see Ali step into motherhood.  I know, without a doubt, that she will be such a great mom.

There she is:  the lady of the hour.

Proud Nana, party planner, and great hostess.  She planned a few fun games of baby gift bingo, how big is the belly, and the clothespin game where you can’t say the word ‘baby’.  Everyone had a great time!

Ali got a lot of great gifts, including homemade quilts from both of our grandmothers.  They are such beautiful keepsakes and a testament to the talent in both of those ladies.  Also notice the fan sitting a foot and a half from Ali’s face.  It was that hot!  

And then there was food!  I didn’t get a shot of the whole food table but mom had a really tasty spread of various munchies and dips.  I had one little plate and didn’t seem able to stop, but I was fine committing to supper even though it was only 3:30 pm!

And there were cupcakes.  Peach cupcakes with brown sugar cream cheese frosting.  Yum!  I’m going to do a blog post with the recipe because those peach cupcakes are not something I want to forget!

The cupcake toppers were made out of scrapbook paper cutouts and brads that I found at the dollar store, glued together and to toothpicks.  Even the cupcake wrappers were from the dollar store.  I really wanted to do something fancy with fondant but I find myself lacking the time (wonder why!) but I think they ended up looking elegant this way too.

All in all it was a wonderful shower to celebrate something wonderful with wonderful friends and family.  I was so happy to be there and will be so happy to meet baby kinder!


Author: furrychocolates

30-something living in New Brunswick, Canada. Married with two adorable boys, piano player and teacher, curler, and enjoy all types of sewing and crafting.

2 thoughts on “A baby shower for kinder…

  1. It was fun and Ali was so grateful. 2 weeks now to meet Kinder!!

  2. I couldn’t imagine a better baby shower in honor of Kinder!! Lots of lovely gifts to keep Kinder dressed, warm, and living up the cozy life outside of mommy….hopefully very soon! Thanks to everyone for making my day so special! And thanks for the delicious, yummy, scrumptious, delightful treats! Kinder loved them…mmmmm…almost as much as mommy!

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