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Wilderness Camping at Martin’s Head

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Last Friday, after a last-minute invite (and subsequent last-minute packing), Oliver and hubby went camping to Martin’s Head, NB for a couple of nights with some buddies and their kids.

I have never been there but Brian had so knew what to expect – wilderness camping.  Brian told me you need a 4×4 to get there (although our car is in the pics… hmmm) and you pitch your tent on the beach.  No power, no running water.

Beautiful spot, right?

Here’s a shot of the tents.  I think there were two more once everyone showed up.  


Apparently when the tide went out, it went out a really long way.  Great for beach combing!  


Breakfast on a driftwood table.  Does it get more rustic than that?  

They took a kayak and had a couple of nice paddles.


Oliver really liked the beach.  It was a rocky beach compared to Old Orchard Beach, but Oliver didn’t seem to mind.  


Oliver’s breakfast on the second morning.  Brian says he forgot they were in there and Oliver had eaten a breakfast’s worth by the time he realized why he was so quiet!  He also told me a story of a moment when he realized Oliver had been quiet for a few minutes, so he went to see what he was up to.  He found him at the car, where he had put sand and rocks and was moving them around on the hood.  Brian said, “Oliver, what are you doing?!”, shocked and appalled.  Oliver grabbed him by the cheeks and said, “Daddy, I’m washing the car”, as if it was the most normal and obvious thing ever.

They were both pretty tired when they got home (normal sleep schedules did NOT apply on this weekend) but they both had fun!




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One thought on “Wilderness Camping at Martin’s Head

  1. Awesome what a fun adventure. !!

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