Growing Out On A Limb

Old Orchard Beach III

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During my pre-vacation googling I found a place called York’s Wild Kingdom.  It’s part zoo and part amusement park, with many of the rides geared to young children.  After seeing some 70s-looking ads on TV, I was worried it might turn out to be a stinker but we decided to at least go to the zoo and go from there.  After all, their site said they have an elephant!

We drove around a bit while we waited for the zoo to open and discovered that York also has a beautiful stretch of beach, not to mention crazy big impressive houses.  We stumbled across the Nubble lighthouse so got out and climbed around the rocks for a bit.

Oliver loves to climb and jump.  He was testing out his new Lightning McQueen sneakers.

Then it was onto the zoo!  It wasn’t terribly big and we never did find an elephant but there were lots of birds, monkeys, a tiger, alligators… lots of fun things to look at.


Emery liked to climb the fences.  See the tiger laying in the back?  


Oliver was so excited to feed the ducks, the goats, and the deer.  He was a little hesitant once they actually started coming up to him (aggressive little punks) but he was brave and especially loved the little baby goats.


Emery wasn’t too taken by the animals but there were plenty of puddles to splash around in so he wasn’t bored!

The rides looked kind of old but Oliver was excited to try them so we upgraded our tickets.  I figured they have to be up to some safety code, even if they look a bit old… right?  I love fair rides so I was excited to go on a few with him (even if they were pint-sized) but some of them had a height/weight restriction and he had to ride himself.  He impressed me so much by jumping right on without any hesitation.

He had no fear on the roller coaster (but hung on pretty tightly), even through the quick, jerky section.  His first ride on a roller coaster was such a success that, when I later told him he was allowed one more ride before we left, he chose to go on it again!

We got on the bumper cars and laughed the whole time.  He kept pointing out who we should bump next.

Most of the rides were too big for Emery but these little bumper boats were perfect.

Daddy and Oliver got in the go-karts.  I’m not sure who had more fun!


So York’s Wild Kingdom was a nice surprise and a fun time for all of us.  We left early afternoon and took a nice drive up the coast to get back to our cottage.  It turns out there are beautiful beaches all the way up the coast… York, Ogunquit, Kennebunkport… and every town has beautiful homes, scenery, and shops.  I’m not sure how prices compare but those areas have been more recently built up into tourist areas so things look newer and fresher and more quaint, so definitely piqued our interest as a summer destinations another year.

We spent the rest of the afternoon … at the beach!


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