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Old Orchard Beach II

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It was a little sprinkly on Tuesday morning (the only rain we saw all week during the day) so we drove into Portland.  I found the Children’s Museum on a google before the trip and knew it would be a perfect way to spend a few hours on a rainy day.

We walked a trail along the waterfront while we waited for the museum to open.

Or we tried to – it just happened that the trail was along train tracks (a narrow gauge train organization that does daily tours along the waterfront), which were a total distraction for the kids so we didn’t get far.

That was fine too.  Emery got on board the train that is used during the waterfront tours.

Oliver thought it was so neat to get on a real train.  He was pointing out the couplings and looking for the buffers.

And then there was this:

All of those new things around them and they sat down to marvel at a loader.  Boys will be boys, I guess!

The Children’s Museum was … incredible.  The boys were engaged immediately and were mesmerized the whole time, running from station to station.  Oliver might not yet be taking away all the teachings they intend for the activities, but I still love to see him so curious and interested and taken by the displays and activities.  And just when I think I have him figured out, he takes interest in something I thought would completely bore him.  Like turning a wheel to make a conveyor belt move play blocks of hay around.  He stood for the longest time, just captured by it.  I guess that makes it a learning day for both of us.

These are just a few pics of the many things that kept them going.  First, the ball room… ramps and slides and tubes that sucked them up and moved them across the room.

The play kitchen.  (I looked at all these stations with the small toys and thought, “Aren’t they finding plastic bananas all over this place all day long?!”).

Pretty awesome for two little guys (and one big one?)… a huge fire truck, complete with fire hats and fire coats, flashing lights and sirens.  I’m quite sure Oliver was in heaven.

Emery liked the toddler play area.

There were aquariums of turtles and fish with cameras that the kids could run and a touch tank that Oliver wasn’t at all interested in.  I thought he might be because, after prompting him to touch seaweed, shells, etc at the beach, his new thing all week was to say, “Look at this… do you want to touch it?  It’s really smooth!” and he would wait for your reaction to touching it.  But still no go on the touch tank, maybe because of all the other distractions.

Then we went for lunch at a place called $3 Deweys in downtown Portland.  It was just a place I saw on a tourist brochure and thought sounded interesting.  It was a quaint little pub, pretty typical pub atmosphere (and they sold Keith’s… awesome).  Then I noticed the explanation for the name … $3 Dewey’s … on the back of their menu.

We had a pretty good laugh at that and thanked goodness that our kids weren’t old enough to understand.  Not a big deal when your kids are 3 and 1 but it would bring up some interesting questions from older ones!

Decent food though and they welcomed the kids so I would go back.  Especially with this smiley little guy!

By the time we got back to our cottage the sun was back out in full force so we spent the rest of it … at the beach, of course!


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