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Old Orchard Beach I

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Ahh.  Vacation.

Here we are in Old Orchard Beach.  We are renting a little cottage, just across the road from the beach.  We’re in Pine Point… not right in the heart of it and actually far enough away from the pier that the boys wouldn’t make the walk there.  It’s perfect.  The pier is too bustling for the kids (and us, to tell the truth) and most things are not for their age group anyway but it is only a 4-minute drive when we decide we want to visit the crowds.

Our little cottage has (almost) everything we need.  We were a little worried about the boys sharing a room but we stagger their bedtimes and Oliver is surprisingly accepting of it.  As much as I love to camp in a tent, if I had to tent for a whole week with kids that young I might jump off the pier.  It’s definitely one of those things that’s good in small doses at these ages.

Brian and the boys have started the last two early mornings at the beach while I clean up from breakfast.  It’s us, the dog walkers, and the joggers.  These pics are from yesterday, our first full day here.  We mostly spent it at the beach with a quick trip to the pier in the morning to wander around and get coffee.   Does this look like the face of a kid that likes the beach?  I think so!

Emery has been to the beach but it’s all new to him.  He loves getting dirty in the sand and has little fear of the water (which means we have to watch him closely).

I’ve always liked playing in the sand so it’s fun to sit and do it with the kids.  They don’t care too much about fancy sand castles yet but we build mountains and Oliver makes roads on them with his trucks.

Snack time at the beach!  I love this picture because they’re eating their snacks out of their hats.  Hey… whatever works.

Today we did the beach thing in the morning and then headed to Ferry Beach State Park.  It’s just down the coast from where we are, on the same beach.  I know it won’t always be this easy to occupy the boys but $12 for a change of pace, a different beach, and an afternoon of fun?  I’ll take it.

We started out with a picnic.  Mmm… peanut butter and jam.

Then we had a “walk in the woods”.  There are a few short trails here so it is perfect for the kids.  Oliver loved the bridges and “water systems” (a term he used several times today?!).

The “let’s appease mommy and smile for a picture” shot.

I might have to frame this one.  Handsome boy.

The beach is a small walk from the car but it’s really easy to take when you round the bend and see this leading you to the sand…

I think they were getting along in this picture.  Emery really just wants to do everything Oliver does but manages to get in big brother’s way a lot.

Oliver could spend all day at the beach, no doubt.

Tomorrow is supposed to be rainy but we have a few ideas so we can make the most of it.  More to come!


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