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Valentine’s Day!

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I’ve never really cared much for Valentine’s day but I have to admit it was kind of fun to do Valentines to send with Oliver and Emery this year.  Last year Oliver came home with a fistful of Valentines and hadn’t taken any… not that he cared but I told myself that would not happen again!

I know I could have just bought a box of cards at the grocery store and thrown their names on them but it’s so easy (and fun!) to find and print out something less commercial and more personal.  I take no issue with store-bought valentines and imagine there will be a day that the boys insist on Cars/Transformers/the-latest-disney-character cards but for now I’m going to enjoy finding the ones that seem just right for them.

Oliver took this one.  I thought the little boy looked like him and he loves anything with wheels, of course.  He thought they were pretty cute.

I really love those super cheesy vintage valentines (like these ones) so I originally planned on one of those for Emery’s cards.  But then I came across this really cute site and these valentines and they were so stinking cute I stopped looking.  I love the design and they’re so well illustrated (click through to the illustrators site … good stuff).

I couldn’t decide on one so I just printed both.  And I think the suckers are such a cute touch.

 Nana and Papa are vacationing but sent us Valentines in the mail.

Oliver was pretty tickled to get a valentine (and I was too).

Happy Valentine’s Day!


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