Growing Out On A Limb



This past weekend was a mix of birthday (mine) and Superbowl.  I love it when the two coincide.  Not only do we have an excuse to eat yummy munchies during the game (okay, so we eat yummy munchies allllll day long), we get to add birthday cake on top of it!

We mostly hung out at home on Saturday, although we did go watch daddy curl for a bit at the local Curl for Cancer.  We also got to hear some good music there.  Oliver was really taken by the drums.

But here we are earlier in the day, at lunchtime.  Oliver is helping Emery with his banana.

Banana-faced cutie!

I’m never sure what face I’m going to get for the camera these days but this mama thinks this one is pretty handsome!

Proud to be a big helper!

Later in the day Oliver helped daddy make a birthday cake for mommy… it was delicious!

On Sunday we hung out at Nana and Papa’s to watch the big game.  We spent lots of time outside in the afternoon – rides on the snowmobile, making snow angels, and jumping into the snow piles.

Mid-jump!  In case you’re wondering, his face says, “FUN!”

 Daddy helped to make some jumps BIGGER…

… and some giggles BIGGER.

Papa and Oliver even practiced their synchronized drift-jumps.

Sometimes life is like that:

Later we had lots of time for building towers of the lego variety…

… and the domino variety.  We were all amazed at his steady hand – daddy helped build it but he kept sliding dominoes into the middle, top, and bottom without the tower falling over.

While big brother was building, Emery was having fun with this little basketball.

It’s the first time he has cared to roll it back and forth to someone.  He giggled like mad when he “caught” it.

What a great weekend … I couldn’t have asked for a better way to celebrate my birthday!


Author: furrychocolates

30-something living in New Brunswick, Canada. Married with two adorable boys, piano player and teacher, curler, and enjoy all types of sewing and crafting.

2 thoughts on “Birthday/Football/Fun

  1. I miss you! You’re kids are beautiful and I love seeing GOOD photos taken by moms and dads!!! Glad you enjoyed your birthday! xoxoxo

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