Growing Out On A Limb

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It seems to me that Oliver’s conversation skills jumped three levels over the weekend that I was working so much.  It isn’t so much how much he speaks but that it is more intelligent and thoughtful and imaginative.

Emery, on the other hand, is dying to talk and he’s almost there.  Despite all of my coaching to say “mommy” first, we thought he might be yelling “Daddy!” from the bathtub one night (following the cue from big brother).  It was hard to tell for sure though and he’s never said it again.  He does say, “Bah-bah” when we read the little book about bubbles… does that count as a first word?

Anyway, I thought I’d jot down some of the comical things Oliver has said lately.


Oliver and Papa were playing in the basement when, out of the blue, Oliver stops playing, looks at Papa, and says, “Is it okay if I love you?”.



On the way home from sunday school the next day, Oliver was getting sleepy in the back seat.  Nana or Papa were saying something to him, I’m not sure what, but his reply was, “I am not talking right now” and then he closed his eyes and dozed off.


One night while reading to Oliver, he told me, “I’m going to be a super hero!”.  I replied, “Wow!  Can mommy be a super hero too?”.  “Yup!”, he said.

A night or two later he said the same thing while reading to daddy, “I’m going to be a super hero!”.  After the smallest pause, Oliver said, “And you’ll be the princess!”.

I guess Daddy learned to be quick to assign himself a more manly role!


Whenever we talk about Woody or Halloween, Oliver remembers dressing up like him.  During one of those conversations he said, “I am going to be Woody for Halloween.  Spoooooky Woody.  ” and then he went on to talk about ghosts.  I was left wondering where he learns this stuff?!

A couple of nights later the same conversation came up.  I asked him, “What’s Daddy going to be for Halloween?”.

Oliver:  “Buzz!”

Me:  “What’s Mommy going to be for Halloween?”

Oliver:  “Ummm… a dog.”

Gee, thanks.  I convinced him, though, that maybe I could be Jessie and Emery could be Bullseye.  He thought that was an okay idea in the end.


One of the toys the boys got for Christmas is a ramp that folds up into a cube and has a handle on it so it’s easy to carry around.  Oliver decided one day that this was his “briefcase” and he was going to the “office”.  He’s carried it to Jean’s several times since.


It took him a few tries to get the back-and-forth but Oliver really likes knock knock jokes lately.  We’re trying to branch out to different ones but this is the one he remembers most:

Oliver:  Knock-Knock

Me:  Who’s There?

Oliver:  Duane

Me:  Duane who?

Oliver:  Duane the bathtub, I’m dwowning!

He gets adorably shy whenever you ask him to tell it to someone though.


On the weekend Oliver was at the table after coloring for a while.  I noticed he was starting to take everything out of the crayon/coloring book bin.

Me:  “What are you doing, Oliver?  Making a mess?”

Oliver:  “No, I’m not!  I’m going to put it all back in.”

Me:  “Oh, okay!”

I really wasn’t concerned and wasn’t going to interfere because he seems to like to do that – move things in and out of boxes,bins, etc – but I went over to the table just to see what he was up to.

Oliver:  “Mommy!  GO WASH THE DISHES!” and he pointed to the sink.

Me (with a smile):  “What did you just say?”

Oliver:  “Mommy!  GO AWAY!”

Sheesh.  He’s certainly starting that young!


The other day I asked Oliver if he knew where his butt was.

Oliver:  “Yup!”

Me:  “Show me where your butt is!”

Oliver points to the front.

Me:  “Well where’s your bum?”

Oliver points to the back.

Anatomy 101 per my almost-three-year-old.


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Time Away…

It’s interesting to me how quickly we become accustomed to a routine and how out of sorts we get when, for whatever reason, we’re thrown off of it.

I have been working on a huge project at work that has meant long (loooong) hours at work and lots of overtime work from home.  I’m not complaining about the work – it’s part of the job now and then – but it has thrown my mommy mojo off and I am having a hard time finding it now that the work has slowed down again.  Laundry added up, dinners were hastily thrown together (or picked up), piles of this and that appeared and, let’s face it, existing piles grew even bigger.  Thank goodness for a husband who isn’t afraid of the dryer but things still fall behind.

And I didn’t see my boys much for a few days.  From Thursday at bedtime to Monday morning I saw Oliver all of ten minutes and not much more of Emery.  Thank goodness for grandparents that love to have a certain toddler overnight, to give Brian a break, but I missed them.  At least I got a couple of sweet phone calls from my little guy so I could hear about his cheese sandwich and his sweet “I wuv you too, Mommy!”.

I realized today that my ‘January’ folder for pictures is empty – another reason I’ve been quiet on the blog.  I just haven’t found the time lately to get the camera out.  But I’m hoping that changes and we all find some nice quality time this weekend full of fun activities and photo ops.

For now, here are a few pics I pulled off the camera.  They’re a couple of weeks old but I didn’t want to miss them.

Oliver loves play-doh.  Aside from the tools in the couple of sets he has (thanks Colleen!), he asks me to “flap” (flatten) them so he can make different shapes and tracks with all sorts of things – some of his cars and trains (that make different tire tracks), cookie cutters, kitchen utensils, etc.  He likes to experiment.

Later that day, after playing with the play-doh for the tenth time, I realized he had become quiet while I was puttering around.  This is what I found:

Daddy’s boot filled to the brim with cars and play-doh.

Oliver discovered his breath on the window that morning too, while watching Daddy plow the driveway.

And, of course, Emery has to join in on whatever big brother is doing.  

A few days later, near bedtime, Oliver started piling things on this tote in the kitchen.  He piled and piled while I cleaned up from supper – boots, cars, trucks, shoes, dish towels, even a bag of potatoes.  He methodically laid each thing on with a grunt or a “they-ah”.  When he was done he said, “Look, Mommy!  I made a statue!” with a very puffed up chest so of course mommy made a big deal of it.

Oh, and that white powder on the floor?  Alum from the spice drawer.  Yup.  

There have been a couple of statues since.  It’s a pain in the butt to clean up but they’re works of art to him so I can’t say no.

I had to leave him alone for a few minutes tonight to put Emery to bed, which was fine because he was starting a new statue that would keep him busy for a few minutes.  I came out to the smell of ground cloves and curry powder in the air – he had dumped some out on the tote and floor.  It was a mess.

But despite the smell of cloves wafting around us, story time seemed especially sweet after missing him for so many days.  I wasn’t complaining.  Definitely worth the cleanup time.

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On Sunday we took advantage of the mild temperatures.  We took the kids to “Papa’s blue house”, otherwise known as the camp, for a hotdog lunch and a walk in the woods.

It was a really nice trail that mom and dad plan to keep cleared out so we can use it more all year round.  There wasn’t enough snow to need snowshoes but enough to make it a bit hard going for Oliver, which meant quite a bit of whining at times.

But it all turned around when we got to the downhill part of the trail.  Nana and Papa had lots of fun helping Oliver slide.

Oliver sliding with Nana and Papa

Emery’s first time sliding was kind of … uneventful.  Listen closely.

Emery’s first time sliding

Oh to be young again.  On both accounts.


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I love this.

First Brian and Oliver were playing around by covering their eyes and yelling, “Boo!” to surprise each other.  Emery caught on quite quickly and started mimicking them.  We thought it was pretty funny so I started recording.

Playing Boo!

In another video he actually says “Baa!” over and over, instead of “Boo”.  Brian reminded me that Oliver got it wrong at first too and said, “Bee!” for a while.

Speaking of Oliver, the in-your-face-camera “Boo!” by him at the end couldn’t be more timely!  And, as I  mentioned in another post, I love how he seems to really get a kick out of Emery lately and is involving him in his play.  It does a mother’s heart good!