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Funny Face

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Oliver thinks it is hilarious to practice the facial expressions that go with the different emotions, I think because he likes watching mommy and daddy’s faces contort too (yup, he plays us like marionettes sometimes!).

Here we have a happy face (and a crazy-ass hairdo but we’ll work on sitting for a haircut another day)…

Sad faces are hard to do when you really just want to laugh… 

Surprised faces are fun!  

Oh boy … this angry face means business (and makes mommy and daddy make laughing faces)!  

Brian also likes to work on “confused” and “epiphany” but they’re proving to be a bit more difficult.

Oliver points out emotions on the faces of book characters and we do sometimes too.  Sometimes he even puts an emotion on things where there aren’t any, like a truck that has a grill that looks like a smile is happy to him.  I think it’s really good for him to recognize what feelings look like early on – I’m sure it helps him put a face (pardon the pun) on his own emotions, which in turn must help with learning how to process what he’s feeling, self-control, and even how to behave in certain situations.

Sometimes when Oliver is misbehaving and I am speaking firmly to him, he’ll look at me and scrunch his face into his angry pose because he recognizes that emotion in my face.

It’s all I can do to not laugh in the moment.


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