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Emery’s 1st Birthday Party

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Today we had Emery’s birthday party.  His birthday was on Thursday but I’m teaching them young to celebrate like their mother does… it’s not a birthday, it’s a birth week!

Here are a few pictures to remember the day:

There’s my birthday boy!  He was all napped and ready to go for the festivities.

There were balloons.  Sweet!  

I am THIS excited about balloons!  (Do you remember being this excited about balloons?!)   

Big brother loves them too!  They’ll be fun to have around the house for a couple of days.  

This picture seems to be right out of a storybook (or maybe a storybook in the making?).

And then there was cake.  Chocolate cake with vanilla chocolate chip buttercream filling.  Yummy.  

Despite practicing ‘Happy Birthday’ for days, Oliver was still mesmerized enough by everyone else singing that he didn’t make a sound.  I love Emery’s expression at everyone singing his name.  Oliver and Sophie helped blow out the candles.  

Emery was not shy about the cake.

I don’t know how I didn’t think to get pictures of everyone that celebrated with us.  We shared this special day with Nana and Papa, Nan, Grammie, and Aunt Wendy and family.  We were so glad to have them here and are so thankful for the gifts and love that they brought with us.  We are lucky to have such a great family!


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