Growing Out On A Limb

Emery at (almost) 11 months

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Emery is almost 11 months old and I wonder where the time has gone.  I know it’s terribly cliche but when you start measuring time by the growth and development of your young child, it somehow starts flying by at an unthinkable speed (and with no regard to mommy at all!).

Emery’s personality shines a little bit more every day.  He loves to make us laugh, to try everything his brother does, and to throw himself on anything soft (like the dog bed, cushions, etc).

Right now he seems to love these little nylon buckets.  I think he saw Oliver put one on his head once so now, several times a day, he will pull one clear over his head and then peek out of it with a big ole smile on his face.  I’ve even caught him bending over at the waist to put his head in one sitting on the floor.  What a clown.

Earlier tonight Oliver was doing somersaults on the floor.  He moved onto something else quickly (as Oliver tends to do) but a minute later Emery was bent over with his head on the floor and pushing forward like his was trying to roll over.  He’s constantly amazing me with what he takes in.  I guess I still think of him as my little baby and not yet as the little sponge he is.

He walks all around the house clapping and also loves to high-five.  At dinner he’ll throw his arms in the air just because he knows we’ll do it too (because who can resist playing baby games, especially when Oliver is laughing wildly at him and telling us to play along?!).  Ya, we all look like dorks but I can’t help but pause in those moments and think of how special they are.

So now we have this eleven-month-old who is extremely friendly, easy going, and just slightly tired of being pushed around by his big brother.  He’s a little more of a momma’s boy than Oliver is (this momma’s not complaining, by the way).  He is active to the point where I wonder if he’ll be even more active than Oliver was/is/continues to be.  It is hilarious to watch him toddle around the house on his little bowlegged legs.

I love this little face so much.


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