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Oliver and his specs


Oliver got his new glasses last week.

Quite some time ago we noticed that his right eye turns in.  It’s worse when he’s tired but almost always evident and you can see it in a lot of pictures of him.  That took us to our local eye doctor.  Oliver hates anything that involves sitting and poking and prodding (haircuts, clipping fingernails, etc) so the first appointment was pretty much a wash, as I expected.  We tried again with bribery snacks in hand and it went a bit better – the doctor figured out he was farsighted but couldn’t get him to sit long enough to figure out how much.  We tried one more time before she referred us to a specialist in Saint John.

We waited months for that appointment (and then hours again in her waiting room) but Oliver was very cooperative when the time came.  I had visions of a screaming fit and a whole other trip to her office but she had a good way with him.  It didn’t hurt that she was able to spout off the names of Thomas the Tank Engine’s friends while she put the lenses in front of his eyes… Oliver seemed astounded that she would know anything about them!

From that appointment we learned that he is quite farsighted and needs glasses.  It’s a bit of a shock to realize that when there have been no signs of any trouble close up or far away, reading or watching TV.  The good news is that the glasses will likely fix the turning eye, no surgery necessary.  In the worst case he may need to wear a patch temporarily but follow-up appointments will determine that.

So then we found ourselves glasses shopping with our spirited toddler.  It was no easy task to have Oliver try several pairs of glasses on and then to sit again long enough to have his measurements taken, but he did it, we managed, and here we are.

Now we face actually getting him to wear them.  I was hoping for a light bulb moment when he put them on, like the world was suddenly clearer and he wouldn’t want to take the glasses off – wishful thinking but no such luck.  There are a lot of glasses wearers in his family – daddy, nana, papa, nan, etc, etc but it doesn’t seem to matter much to him.  So far he is good at wearing them when he watches videos, mostly because we tell him he has to or there will be no video.  It’s funny to watch him pull them down and push them up, like he’s comparing his vision with and without them.

I know it’s a big adjustment for a toddler and will take some time.  He’s cooperative in some moments but resists in others which is about what I expected and pretty normal I suspect.  So far I’m pretty pleased at how he is responding to them, even if it is in just fits.  There’s no point pushing them too quickly and risk him hating them.

I would love for my little boy to have perfect vision but … well, aren’t they darling on him??



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30-something living in New Brunswick, Canada. Married with two adorable boys, piano player and teacher, curler, and enjoy all types of sewing and crafting.

2 thoughts on “Oliver and his specs

  1. That’s pretty cute! Glad to see no duct tape was needed (at least at the moment of the photo!)

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