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Nova Scotia Adventure

Last week we packed up the car and steered toward Nova Scotia for another camping trip. 

Or went on a “ven-chuh”, as Oliver would put it. 

Another camping trip?  Are we crazy?  Maybe… but we were fortunate to borrow a tent trailer for this trip.  It wasn’t without its challenges, even if it is a whole different set of challenges than tenting (like living in tight quarters and keeping things tidy) but I think it was easier overall (especially for cooking). 

While Brian was occupied by other things during the days, the boys and I spent our time wandering around Lunenburg, Bridgewater, and, later in the week, Liverpool and Summerville Center. 

We spent part of the first day on the walking trails in Bridgewater.  Oliver thought it was neat that it used to be train tracks, especially when we crossed a bridge and he could see the old rail ties. 

The rest of the day we spent at a great playground in Lunenburg and with family. 

Oliver is finally taking to the swings which is a nice break for mommy from being on high alert for high speed breaks toward the road.  Emery LOVES the swings. 

The next day was rainy and misty but we found Miller Point park just outside Bridgewater and went for a little walk in the woods.  It’s just a small little park but it looks over LaHave river.  It was beautiful even in the mist and fog. 

The trail was wide and covered in pine needles so it was easy going for Oliver and the stroller. 

After all that running we went on a sleepy drive and found this beautiful spot on a windy road not far from Lunenburg.  It’s a tiny little village called Blue Rocks.  The picture is too pretty not to share. 

That night we moved the camper to a small campground in Summerville Center.  It is about ten minutes from Liverpool in one direction and ten minutes from Port Mouton in the other.  Its shining star is Summerville beach that has soft white sand like flour, pressing surf, and frigging cold water. 

We went to nearby Liverpool the next morning.  There isn’t much there for little boys (so thank goodness for the beach) but we did find a nice green and playgrounds that occupied us for a few hours.  We even walked across the bridge in the picture below and saw two big ships.  Oliver thought that was neat. 

And then more beach time in the afternoon.  Emery loved roaming around in the sand (and put very little in his mouth to my surprise).

Oliver chasing bubbles, bubbles, bubbles!   

And of course we enjoyed time spent with Nanny and Grampy. 

And now for the purpose of our trip to that neck of the woods:  We have a piece of property on the gorgeous Stuart’s Lake near Port Mouton and it was finally time to have an excavator come in and build the driveway and pad that our cottage will (eventually) sit on.  The pics probably aren’t that exciting to anyone but us but I’m putting them here anyway.  For the days I want to daydream a little. 

Getting started and showing Nanny and Grampy around. 

Checking out the finished driveway.  The pad wasn’t quite done that day but should be by now! 

A glimpse of the lake.  Its shore is peppered with rocks and it is a shallow lake which means it’s good for kayaks but not big motor boats.  And because it’s shallow it warms up early in the spring and cools down later in the fall which will make for good swimming! 

It was a good vacation even though, from a mommy perspective, putting in the days without the usual resources and distractions was a challenge at times.  We made out okay though and it was fun to see the boys trying new things, seeing new sights, and sharing those moments with them. 

Another great “ven-chuh”! 

We did stop in Moncton at the zoo on the way home but I’ll post those pictures in a separate post.