Growing Out On A Limb

Family Photos by Shari


I have been slow to get these up for no other reason than life is busy.

A few weeks ago my good friend Shari came for a visit.  She is an amazing photographer based in Halifax, Nova Scotia.  Seriously, check out her photos at  She has a brilliant eye for settings and lighting and does the most amazing wedding photos I have ever seen.  Though she doesn’t usually do family shoots anymore, I asked her to try and capture the four of us as  a favor.  We have never had professional photos before because we both consider ourselves hobby photographers but with one of us behind the camera a shot of all of us is difficult at best.  She kindly agreed in exchange for a meal… done deal!

She got a few of the boys that morning when we were hiking the Shikatehawk trail and throwing rocks in the water.

This one cracks me up!  Oliver crouched down to pick up a rock and got his bum all wet… priceless!

We took the family shots later on.  Oliver wasn’t terribly cooperative due to the time of day but I think Shari managed to get a few really great ones!  It’s so nice to finally have a family photo to frame!

I love the easy going feeling of this one…

This is Oliver’s I’m-smiling-because-you’re-telling-me-to smile.  Kind of scary, huh?

That’s better.

Okay, I think we’re done!  Let’s eat!


Author: furrychocolates

30-something living in New Brunswick, Canada. Married with two adorable boys, piano player and teacher, curler, and enjoy all types of sewing and crafting.

4 thoughts on “Family Photos by Shari

  1. very cute pictures of the boys! and a really nice family picture too 🙂

  2. Those boys are adorable!! And the family pictures are great to have too. It is so easy to put off getting family photos and before you know it another year or five have passed.

  3. They’re really great, Jo.

  4. These pictures are wonderful! Would love one to show off to friends.

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