Growing Out On A Limb

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From the garden…

I love to take shots around the garden through the summer.  They largely end up being the same flowers over and over but it’s fun to try and capture them (or edit them) in a different way.  Not that I imagine myself to be an awesome photographer but it is fun to try. 

A lovely lilac just about to burst open.

I think this is some sort of Columbine that I planted last year.  I bought it because I love the look of the more common Columbine flower but these ones are just as pretty I think. 

There are plenty of bees hanging around the Chive flowers

A peony getting ready to burst open. 

Bachelor’s Buttons.  The foliage sprawls out and looks like hell but the flowers are so interesting…

More Columbine. 

And a pretty Iris.  The Irises are nice and all but every year I find myself wishing the flowers would either last longer or those dead heads would just fall off… they come and go so quickly. 


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This is the reason we went to Mississauga for a visit …


Well, not the only reason.  A visit to cousin Joe and Sheila has been in order for a while but since this little guy made his appearance in early May it just added one more reason to the list.  And check out that face… he pretty much made it impossible to not go! 

He has sweet little smiles and a really “chill” demeanor much like his daddy’s.  I think he has a lot of daddy’s looks at this point too. 

I can appreciate how hard it is to have people inserted into the constantly-changing routine of a baby still so little, especially when you’re a new mom trying to figure it all out.  Add a teething seven-month-old to the mix and it makes it even harder but we managed and are really grateful to have had such a great visit. 

Mommy Sheila was a great hostess…


… and daddy too! 

We love you baby Theo!

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In the big city

Emery and I are visiting cousin Joe, Sheila, and new cousin Theo in Toronto this week.  We’re having a great time hanging out with family we don’t see very often and Theo is even cuter than the pictures I had seen to this point.

Emery was so great on his first plane ride!  He has been fighting a fever the last couple of days but he is in good spirits when the Tylenol is working.  He’s such a little trooper.  He is also becoming quite a ham for the camera though so I’ve been snapping pics here and there.

He’s liking the jolly jumper.  He’s a little off and on with it but he generally loves to stand up so it’s mostly a hit.  We’ve never had enough room for one so it’s fun to see him try it out.

Post-bath happiness…
Early-morning hang time with mommy…


One of the best things about Joe’s house is that it backs onto an awesome park with a playground and lots of green grass.  Emery seems to love the swings.


Growth Chart

I had in my mind for a while that I wanted a growth chart.  Not a paper one that Oliver could (and would) rip off the wall, but something that would be likely to last forever and serve both boys.

So I bought some muslin canvas with an idea in mind.  It was beautifully simple but the embroidery stitching scared me and seemed time consuming.  In the end I also thought it should be a little more colorful – not gawdy and covered in shapes and pictures, but just a little something.

I used freezer paper stenciling and fabric paint for the numbers and the inch marks, which probably ended up being a lot more work than the stitching would have been, but I love how it turned out.  And we hung it with a limb which means it goes perfectly with the curtains in the nursery (which are also hung that way).

I’m not expecting either of my boys to grow to six feet tall but you never know…



More than once in the last few days, Oliver has hauled every bottle of spices and herbs out of the cabinet and placed them on the table.  He then puts them back, one by one, while muttering, “Now chicken food” or “Now applesauce”, like he’s listing them off a menu.  Then he puts them back on the table and does it all again.

When I asked him if he was making chicken food he said, “yeah… make chicken food!”.  (He isn’t totally off his rocker – we keep chickens for eggs so he has heard the words “chicken food” used before).

Fascinating, how the little mind works!


We are seeing Oliver’s green side more and more lately.  I suppose it is because Emery is on the move and able to get to Oliver’s toys or reach out and grab him a lot more easily.  I have to watch closely so he doesn’t push Emery down while in a mood or grab him to slide him across the floor.  He seemed to grasp “gentle” a lot better when Emery wasn’t grabbing back at him!  But despite all of that, there are still frequent displays of brotherly love…

And speaking of Emery on the move, I have mentioned that he is now using absolutely everything to stand up, haven’t I?   Everything.  Overnight, he went from sliding across the floor to climbing on the plants.  This is a shot of him using the coffee table as a prop …. and a teether.

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On eating and walking…

Emery is a champion eater, hardly able to get the food into his face fast enough.  He seems happiest when we lay it out on the tray and let him handle it himself, although this certainly isn’t the neatest route.  His favorite right now is banana but sweet potatoes and avocados run a close second and third.  He also likes bread with hummus, carrots, and peas.

I don’t know what it is about my offspring but wow, do they ever get their legs under them in a hurry!  Emery has been pulling himself around on his belly for several weeks.  He started getting up on his knees a few weeks ago and we thought, “Oh cute… he’ll be crawling soon!”.  A few days later he was getting up on his hands and feet, kind of like a downward dog.  And in the last few days he is wowing us all by standing up on his own.  At first it was using my hands, then a laundry basket, and now it’s pretty much constant… the couch, the plants, the television stand.


I do love to see my boys step through these phases but my goodness… the child isn’t even seven months old and he’s walking behind the stools and laundry baskets!  He knows it’s a big deal too – he is so proud of himself!

He definitely has Oliver’s 8 1/2-month record in his sights!

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Stewed Rhubarb

This is just a simple recipe I found for stewed rhubarb.  Nothing fancy… just rhubarb, some sugar to cut the tartness, and a bit of water to get things cooking.  The proportions are right for my tastes though, so I wanted a record of it.

I love stewed rhubarb on toast.  Or on my spoon.



6 cups rhubarb, cut to 1/2-inch pieces

1 cup granulated sugar

2 Tbsp water


Combine all ingredients in a large pot on medium heat.  Cook, stirring frequently, until sugar is dissolved.

Reduce heat to medium-low and cook until rhubarb is soft.  About 15 minutes.