Growing Out On A Limb

A little bit of Oliver

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Here are a few things going on with Oliver lately…

  • Look who recently graduated to a booster seat:

Yup.  A big deal.  I found it at a second hand store one day ($5… yay) and he was excitedly eating his first meal in it the next!  When I told him his old seat is Emery’s now, his eyes darted around just long enough to make me start thinking of how to deal with the meltdown, but he just said, “yeah!” and kept on eating.  Roll with the punches.

(Is it possible that Emery will start eating solid foods in a couple of weeks?)

  • Oliver loves falafel but the funniest thing is when we tell him that’s what’s for supper.  He runs to the freezer and pulls out the bag of waffles (“I want awffels?”) and there is no explaining to him that we’re talking about two different things.  Until he’s chowing down on them.  I’m sure he realizes then.
  • It may be a sign your son is too into Thomas when he starts calling the local covered bridge the “tunnel”.  He asks to drive over it (and to honk the horn) nearly every time we drive by.
  • The last couple of weeks or so, Oliver has really taken to singing.  There are two particular songs in his repertoire:  “The whees on bus go wound and wound” and “Thomas and his fwends”.  He’s surprisingly in tune!
  • He really really hates to brush his teeth.  We always give him the chance to brush them himself, but the scene typically ends with physical restraint and crying.  Sometimes Oliver cries too.  We thought we were making headway but no… every time we think we’ve found a diversion that works, it falls apart on day three.  We feel better knowing we’re not alone but having to pin him down to brush is exhausting and no fun for us.
  • And of course, he still loves to be outside (and sweaters from nanny).


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30-something living in New Brunswick, Canada. Married with two adorable boys, piano player and teacher, curler, and enjoy all types of sewing and crafting.

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