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My wee techie

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A while ago I wrote about how we are using the iPod as a distraction during butt changes.  (It’s still working by the way – if he balks at all, I mention “the game” and his eyes light up). 

In particular, I mentioned the Toddler Teasers set of apps but since then I have downloaded a few others.  To keep the distraction fresh but also because who couldn’t use a fresh look at the ABCs now and then?  Here are a few that Oliver is asking for frequently. 


Peekaboo Barn

(Image source and website are here)

Adorable.  An animal makes a sound, Oliver taps on the shaking barn, and the doors open up to reveal the animal.  His favorites are the “woost-ah” and the mouse. 

ABC Song

(Image source and iTunes summary/reviews here)

A train rolls by as a woman’s voice sings the alphabet:  “A is for airplane, B is for big”.  Each train car has an animation representing the letter and its object.  In “Play” mode, Oliver controls how quickly the train goes by and can touch the car to hear that part of the song. 

We call this one “ABC Train” since Oliver is so into trains lately and I think it is his favorite at the moment.  The other day I forgot that my iPod batteries were dead and distracted him by singing the song and letting him fill in the blanks:  “A is for ______”.  He nearly got them all right (and once again blew mommy away with his smarts). 

Doodle Truck

This game moves a truck over terrain while you try to keep boxes in the back.  It is really way over Oliver’s skill level but he can make the truck go and make vroom-vroom noises by tapping the arrows so it makes him happy. 

(Image source and iTunes summary/reviews here)


Vola Friends

Lastly, this app is all about recognizing different emotions through facial expressions.  Tap on a face and real-life actors (not drawings) show either happy, sad, angry, scared, or surprised faces. 

(Image source here and at

It seemed a bit bizarre at first but I like that there are several different types and ages of faces, how expressive they are, and also that they’re real people… isn’t Oliver going to recognize it better on a real person than a cartoon?  I like it. 


So there… the set of apps that keep Oliver’s attention at the moment.  Am I really saying that my two-year-old has a “set of apps”?  Anyway, they kind of run the gamut from ABCs to animal sounds and it’s nice to have the variety.  And I am always on the lookout for more. 


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One thought on “My wee techie

  1. “Volafriends” – I am getting it. My step-son has aspergers, and reading emotions is one of the things they tend to struggle with most. This may be a fun way to help him out. Thanks!

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