Growing Out On A Limb

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Light hearted

Technically speaking, these may not be the best photos but I adore how they capture my guy’s light hearted personality.  He has always had this awesome, smiling spirit and I hope he always does. 


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Toddler Teasers

I know I am not alone here – about 6 months ago my cute, sweet toddler decided that diaper changes and dressing should go from a time for smiles, tickling, and belly berries to a tantrum of screaming, flailing arms, and kicking legs.  Try wrapping a diaper around that. 

We tried all forms of distraction … toys, books, singing, changing while standing up.  They all worked for a short while but it quickly went back to something like wrapping a pig in a blanket – a greasy, squirming, squealing pig. 

Enter Toddler Teasers, a set of apps for the ipod.  There are several to choose from but we started with the transportation game and moved to the ABCs and 123s when we realized Oliver was catching on to them.  They present 4 or 5 options and ask the child to “touch the eight” or “touch the bicycle”, depending on which app you are using.  He loves the cheering and clapping after he touches the right one. 

Now diaper changes mean he’s going to play the “game” so he’s happy to lay down while I do the dirty work.  And I’m happy that he’s exercising his brain every time he does.  (And he knows that the ipod is only for changing so gives it up easily… most times). 

I also love that there are more apps to download as he learns more and more.  Next up … colors! 

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Oliver lately

I started this blog for a few reasons but one of them was to have a place to record the goings-on with Oliver once the baby book was finished.  Where do people record things after that first year – the growth milestones, the funny things he says or does, the things he is learning.  I have a terrible memory so having a place to jot things down is a must and let’s face it: typing is much faster than writing. 

With that in mind, I’m going to occasionally have posts like this, where I just write about some of the things going on with Oliver lately. 


Oliver learned the word “beautiful” when we were making the glittery Christmas ornaments, only it comes out as “boo-full”.  He mimics me when he says it by using a whispered voice and wide eyes.  (So cute!)

The other day, Oliver picked up the dryer sheet from a load of laundry I was folding.  For an hour or so he carried that around the house, calling it “boo-full”.  (Oh to see things through the eyes of a toddler!)


He is smart, smart, smart:  Oliver has been able to point out most letters of the alphabet for a few months now but he has recently caught onto the numbers too.  He knows the numbers to ten to see them and can count to ten but he doesn’t really grasp actual counting yet. 


While working on a puzzle one day, Nana started putting puzzle pieces in the wrong places and asking, “Is that where it goes?”.  Then, “Noooooo” in an exaggerated, drawn out, you’re-silly sort of way.  Now he will put the pieces in the wrong places on purpose, then say, “Noooooo” with a big grin on his face. 

One morning as he was getting ready to go to the sitters, I asked Oliver, “Do you think mommy is beautiful?”.  “Noooooo”, he replied.  (He did make it up later by agreeing that I am beautiful so I’ve forgiven him). 


Whenever anything in the kitchen beeps Oliver says, “coffee ready”.  That either shows how observant he is or how big mommy’s caffeine vice is! 


Everything is “nice” lately:  “Nice car”; “Nice bank” (blanket); “Nice noodle”. 


When it comes to Emerson, Oliver is always very friendly.  He often says, “Hey baby… what doin’?”.  If the baby is crying it is, “Oh!  Baby… what wrong?” or “baby cying!”.  He also likes to take his soother sometimes, which doesn’t seem mean-spirited but more because if he takes it out he can help to put it back in.  Always the good big brother! 


Is it possible this is my little boy, already old enough to be munching on cheerios on the couch, watching cartoons?  Rhyming off his ABCs and 123s?  Is it possible I’m planning his second birthday already?! 

God, I love this little guy.

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The other day I was snapping pictures of Oliver.  He was munching on a snack and watching TV … an episode of Thomas, of course. 

I asked him to look at me so I could snap the next picture.  This is what I get: 

Head toward me but eyes still on Thomas.  I guess I know the camera falls behind Thomas in the line of priority!