Growing Out On A Limb


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I think every parent is a little worried about how their first child is going to react to a new sibling being suddenly inserted into family life.  Personality and temperament aside, I think it is only natural for a toddler to feel jealous and seek even more attention (maybe in some not-so-nice ways) when a new needy baby appears on the scene. 

Oliver isn’t quite two yet and is taking the changes like a champ.  Is it possible he isn’t quite old enough for jealousy to occur to him?  I’m not sure but I’m loving watching the two of them together.  Oliver seems to take a little more interest in the baby every day, which is a real load off when sleep levels are low and you’re just trying to get things done for both kids. 

Here are a few pics of their interaction. 

Oliver is leaning over to kiss Emery in this one.  Sometimes he shakes the bouncy chair a little too hard but it doesn’t seem malicious and he usually listens to the “gentle” reminder well. 

Oliver even shares his cookies with Emerson (notice them sitting beside him in the chair)!  Now THAT’s a good big brother! 

Typical suppertime – Oliver going to town on some homemade fries while Emery sleeps in the background. 

Oliver has been asking to hold the baby the last couple of days.  We always have an assisting hand in the picture but I think he feels really proud and grown up when he holds him.  He likes to tickle his belly and point out his eyes, nose, and ears. 

A couple of days ago Oliver brought a big book to me to read.  Before he jumped up onto the couch, he went back into his room, got a small Clifford book, and sat it on Emery as he sat in his bouncy chair.  It was so cute. 

I’m sure there are jealous moments to come and that the brother connection won’t always be a happy one but it really makes me happy to see Oliver adjusting so well.  I’m really looking forward to how he interacts with Emery as he gets older and more animated!


Author: furrychocolates

30-something living in New Brunswick, Canada. Married with two adorable boys, piano player and teacher, curler, and enjoy all types of sewing and crafting.

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