Growing Out On A Limb

Cracking us up…

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I am loving the stage that Oliver is in right now – He tries out new words all the time and is putting more sentences together as he figures out what words and phrases mean.  His little personality evolves more every day as he figures out his surroundings and what makes us all tick together. 

It all leads to lots of laughs, which he loves and feeds off of.  Here are a few things that are making us laugh lately:

  • I often ask Oliver, “Are you okay?” – when he falls down, bumps his head, etc.  Lately he has started asking us, “Mommy?… ah u ok?”.  “Daddy… ah u ok?”.  It’s often from his bedroom when he has just woken up or been put down, but pretty random other than that. 


  • I have several pet names for Oliver… turkey lurkey, honey, honey bunny, etc.  He has said, “Hi Mommy!  Hi Daddy!” for a long time now, which is cute enough, and I would usually respond with, “Hi honey!”.  Of course this eventually led to him to say, “Hi honey”.  And he only upped the cute meter a few days ago when he actually said, “Hi honey bunny”. 


  • His latest fetish… everything Thomas.  The first thing he says every morning is, “I want Thomas” or “I want cartoon”?  And it’s pretty amazing how quickly he has picked up on names of the main characters. 


  • To the dogs, he says, “Doggy… enough!”


  • He loves yogurt and pronounces it “o-goot”


Our latest hurdle was to put Oliver in a big boy bed, to free up the crib for the (still!) pending baby.  We moved him into his new room at the same time.  He wasn’t showing any signs of disliking his crib so I worried about the transition but of course I shouldn’t have.  He took the change as he always does:  like a champ. 

Most nights he falls asleep quickly, without much running around.  Only once has he fallen asleep on the floor and needed put in bed.  But when we peeked in on him last night, this is how we found him: 

Smart enough to climb back into bed but obviously tired enough to just barely get back into bed. 

How cute is that?!


Author: furrychocolates

30-something living in New Brunswick, Canada. Married with two adorable boys, piano player and teacher, curler, and enjoy all types of sewing and crafting.

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