Growing Out On A Limb

A first sleepover and a crazy mess…

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This weekend Oliver had his first sleepover with Nana and Papa.  We were a little nervous about how he would sleep (particularly the “going down” part) but he was a champ:  He laid right down after reading stories, didn’t make a peep, and then wasn’t heard again until 7 am.  This is particularly amazing to the Martell household, who have grown accustomed to the (uncharacteristic) 4:30 am wakeup calls of the past week. 

He had a great time with Nana and Papa and we’re glad the trial-run-for-labor-sleepover went amazingly well.  We didn’t see as much of him as usual but of course the moments we did have together were the usual Oliver craziness! 

First… how much do we love this sweater that Nanny knit him!  We love you Nanny! 


The sleeves are still a little long so it’s got some growing-into room (yay!) but it’s the perfect thing for chilly fall mornings! 

I believe this next little incident happened because Oliver saw me snapping clothes while folding laundry (you know, to get wrinkles out?).  He started snapping clothes himself while “helping” me and then disappeared into his room to play … or so I thought. 

Yes, that’s every piece of clothing taken from his dresser and thrown onto the floor… every one!  And doesn’t he look proud?!  When I grabbed the camera to take a picture, he slid in front of me as if it would be crazy to take a picture of his masterpiece without him! 

Here’s another view of the craziness: 

I’m not sure if he’s dancing or has a case of diaper rash here but this one makes me laugh every time. 



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