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Insert corny corn-related title here…

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Now that the extreme heat and humidity wave has passed us by, I have finally been able to turn the oven on again (And thank goodness… making meals without turning appliances on is kind of like making meals without an arm or a hand).  I’m not complaining because I do like the heat (yes, even while pregnant) but there are only so many nights you want to eat sandwiches for supper. 

So today I took to it and the theme was … CORN. 

Before lunch – Brown Sugar Meatloaves, two of them.  No, nothing corn-y about that but we had hamburg to use up and they’re so good for freezing in serving-size portions.  I’ve used the same meatloaf recipe the last few times, and why not – Brian says it’s good, Oliver eats it up, and so far no one is complaining about being bored of it. 

After lunch I made a trip to the local market for some pickling/freezing supplies. 

First up, corn relish.  I saw this recipe posted at Simply Recipes just a few days ago and it sounded so good, I couldn’t resist.  It was simple, quick, and tastes just like I expected it to (the only substitution was a jalapeno pepper for the serano chile). 

And it looks so pretty in the jar: 

I plan on putting these through the pressure canner tomorrow so I can store them in the pantry. 

Also on the list today was simply storing some corn away for the winter.  After purchasing 6 dozen cobs of sweet, sweet Hunter Brother’s corn, I steamed the cobs like usual and then took to cutting them off the cob.  The owner of Hunter’s market herself shared with me the trick to make this easier:  Prop the cob up in a bundt pan and, as you cut away the kernels, they fall into the pan!  One of those why-didn’t-I-think-of-that tricks. 

And, as if that wasn’t enough corn for one day, we finally tried grilling corn for supper.  There are different ways to do this but here’s how we did it:  Pull off the corn husks off but leave the last layer or two.  Soak them in water for at least 20 minutes.  Peel the remaining husks down carefully (but not off!) and remove the silk.  At this point you can add butter, salt, and pepper but you can also wait and do that after it cooks, like we did tonight. 

And it was so yummy… I’m not sure if it is the corn caramelizing a bit as it grills or just the mix of the sweet corn taste and smokey grill taste but it is noticeably different than a steamed cob and very good.  Next time I might try making an herb butter with fresh parsley and spreading a bit on before cooking. 

Also on the list was bread and butter pickles but I grossly underestimated how long those other recipes would take (with an 18-month-old underfoot) so they will wait until tomorrow.


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