Growing Out On A Limb

Head and Shoulders, Knees and Toes…

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For a little while now, O has been able to point out several body parts.  He can’t actually say all of the words yet but he can find them: 

Nose – O’s first body part!  He had a harder time finding his own but liked to grab onto mommy and daddy’s! 

Eyes – We have to watch him quite carefully on this one or he could take an eye out! 

Fingers – This is a little trick I learned while trying to keep him from being so wiggly on the change table.  I would pull his arms through sleeves just enough so his fingers weren’t poking through and then ask him, “Where are your fingers?”.  When he pulled them out I would say, “Fingers!” and we would both wiggle our fingers and giggle. 

Belly button – He thought it was quite funny the first day he discovered mommy’s belly button.  With no warning, he shoved his finger in so far I’m sure he felt my spine.  He is a little more gentle now and we usually take turns “tickling” each other’s belly buttons and laughing. 

Teeth – The recent obsession seems to be with mommy’s teeth.  He likes to tap and touch mine and then smiles really big to show his own when I ask him to.  And he really likes brushing his teeth, although his form does need a little work. 





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