Growing Out On A Limb

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A-strawberry-picking we’ll go!

Despite the heat and the strained strawberry season, we were out on Saturday for our annual fill-our-freezer-with-berries event. 

We knew Oliver would love his first trip to a strawberry field.  Boy, this kid can chow down on the ‘bee bees’, as he calls them. 

“Mmmmm!  Bee bees!”  (Note that mommy has since googled how to remove strawberry stains). 

“I think I’ll just sit over here until you’re done, Mommy!”. 

“Okay, mom… got my box and ready to pick!”.  This quickly turned into a game of fill-and-dump-out-the-box …

… followed by a rousing game of “test the dog’s patience”. 

What a fun first day at the strawberry fields and we topped it all off with strawberry shortcake and an extra special bathtime to remove all that dirt and berry juice!

Oh, and hubby felt his first little kick from baby Deuce… exciting!