Growing Out On A Limb

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Well it was bound to happen sooner or later… dang monkey bars! Two breaks in his wrist.

He is a trooper and will be looking forward to his friends signing his cast!


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Eleanor turns 4!


Today, you – my little girl – turned four.  Time seems to move so quickly but is it possible that it moves even more quickly for you, my youngest child?  I try to so hard to do what everyone tells you to – to enjoy it, to soak it in while they are little.  And I swear I do, but then, on days like today, I think back on your sweet little baby face and have a hard time believing the time has gone by so quickly.


You have a sweet, girly, spunky personality.  You hate getting your hair done but you love haircuts and trying mommy’s makeup.  You love being on a pedestal on days like your birthday, but you’re not always comfortable with the attention. You love shopping dates with mommy (even if it is just to sobeys).

You love your brothers but you have no problem letting them know when they have ticked you off.  I think you are going to be a sensitive but strong woman.


Some things about you as you turn four:

  • You love dresses.  Every day.  And slippery socks.  So you can twirl in your dresses.
  • You are girly in so many ways, but it often happens that you have a doll in one hand and a toy gun in the other, tucking in a doll one minute and wrestling with your brothers the next.
  • You have incredible attention to detail when you are coloring.
  • You are working on sharing – we don’t often have friends your age to visit and when we do, it is difficult for you to understand that they aren’t taking the toys away with them.
  • You love the pool – you jump from the ladder (not the side yet) and swim around with your life jacket on like a fish!
  • Your brothers love you – they play hide and seek with you, family, Emery often plays dolls and make believe with you.

We have had a birthday week of fun (because everyone should have a birthday week!).  On Saturday you and I went on a little date to the mall – we wandered, we picked up a few things, we rode the escalators, and then we had lunch at the food court where there are LOTS of things to look at!


On Sunday we had a pool party with your friends – it was the first time they were all together outside of Lisa’s house and it was so cool (the moms had fun too)!  We swam, we cupcake’d, we opened presents, we played … it was a great time!

20814870_10156153832311393_1285681533_nToday, on your actual birthday, you had another good day with your friends (your Lisa is so awesome and caring!) and then another pool party with more friends.  How lucky are you – two pool parties for your birthday?!  20170815_180315

Then it was time for chocolate cake with sprinkles!  20170815_190746And more presents – a tea set, a doctor’s set, and a sweet little stuffie named kiki!  20170815_191558


After a birthday week like that, I hope you never question whether or not you are loved!



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Camping on the Eastern Shore

Last weekend we went camping on the eastern shore – not far from home but an area we haven’t explored much.  We spent three nights at Webber’s campground with friends.  It is a charming little campground on Lake Charlotte with all the amenities we could possibly need and a nice little beach to boot.

Everyone took a quick swim after the camper was all setup.


A beautiful girl and a beautiful sunset.  20170804_200624All setup!  It’s organized chaos, I promise.  This was our first time out in our new-to-us camper!  We had two sites side-by-side that were overlooking the lake so we were setup pretty comfortably!  20170804_202856Emery and I went out for a kayak on Saturday.  The smile didn’t last long – we got around the point and the breeze was strong enough that Emery found it hard to paddle back and got frustrated.  We ended up setting up a tow and I paddled us both back.  I hope it doesn’t discourage him from paddling again soon!  20170805_111643On Saturday we played water balloon games setup by the campground.  The kids had so much fun.  I think I ended up wetter than anyone (I’m still not sure how that happened).  20170805_141721Eleanor got a few good shots in!  20170805_142743They also had face painting.  Eleanor was all over it (as were our friends) but this is the first time Oliver or Emery haven’t turned their noses up at face painting.  20170805_150019


20170805_151148Ice cream… enough said!  20170805_184225On Sunday it rained off and on most of the day.  The kids were content with games and whatnot.  And besides, rain meant the fire ban was lifted for that evening so we were looking forward to marshmallows and not complaining!

Eleanor helped herself to the macaroni leftovers.20170806_135451

Thank goodness for the umbrella hat!  Everyone took a turn.  20170806_143231Spaghetti supper!  20170806_175550Everyone’s favorite – chocolate bar bingo!  We had no winners at our table but the kind gentleman (and two time winner) at the table next to us was happy to share.  20170806_190132

20170806_193100Finally… campfire!  It’s much better than candles around our feet (although the adults certainly made do with that as well).  20170806_210127

Sparklers – mesmerizing!  20170806_221512_001



And a final swim on Monday morning after packing up.  It was hot – we needed it!  20170807_104045


It’s a heck of a lot of work but nothing quite compares to camping.  I have such great memories of camping with my family as a kid – I hope I am setting up my kids for the same.  The bonus is time spent with good friends along the way!

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Tall Ships Festival

Tall Ships Festival 2017 … the boys and I are home alone this weekend and I wanted to do something fun and special, just my boys and I, so we headed to the waterfront!  20170729_153201

This is so cool… a bunch of really big beautiful ships docked right here.  And they’re RACING.

And the Bluenose was here (pic for hubby)!  I thought the boys might like taking a tour of some of the ships, but the lines were super long and not really little-boys-that-like-to-pick-on-each-other-friendly.  20170729_155743We took a little tour of the harbour on the Harbour Queen.  I wish it had been on a tall ship and I’m not sure how impressed the boys were with the ride, but it was neat to see the tall ships and the city from the water.  20170729_170738This was by far the coolest ship – from Spain and totally a pirate ship.  It even had cannons sticking out the sides.20170729_171831

20170729_183543The boat ride may have been over-shadowed by anticipation for this – the bouncy castles.  Several to choose from, all of them a blast, but this may have been the favorite – the Toxic Drop.  20170729_191750


So pretty.20170729_200048We spent the rest of our time eating pizza, at the playground, having ice cream (that we were able to completely eat in a very long line while waiting to pay), riding the wave (if you’ve been, you know what I mean).  We tried to take in the concert with Natalie McMaster and the symphony, but after five minutes (and as I’m standing there wow’ed by the energy) Oliver said, “Mommy, this music doesn’t even have words” and they both lost patience (and this after almost being crushed by the crowd to get in there).

This was what we were waiting for.  The fireworks were shorter than I expected, but still cool.  Location, location, location.  20170729_213816_001


And who doesn’t love being downtown at night?  The people, the live music, the lights… and I got to do it all with two of my favorite people.  I’m a fortunate gal.